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Date Night at Disney World.

Written by Steve Rhodes


With a Saturday night without our three year old looming the wife and I were looking for something fun to do for date night. It was Thursday evening and our original plan to do a boozy brunch with our friends fell through on the account of our daughter’s first ever soccer practice being held that morning. We still have my mother-in-law to babysit, but had no plans of what to do with ourselves once we dropped our kiddo off. That’s when my Disney-side crept in and the idea of heading down to Orlando with travel points gets born.  A quick check of the Southwest airlines website and wow theses rates are pretty good I can use a small portion of my points and we’ll be in Orlando by 3:30pm on Saturday and back on Sunday just after lunchtime. Plenty of Hilton points easily covered the hotel stay right next to Disney Springs. Now just to convince the wife. Not that she’s against the whole Disney-geek life, but she doesn’t exactly write internet articles on the topic and this idea was kinda out there. Here goes, “hey wife we could just go to Disney Springs for the night, no park tickets just hang out and enjoy the atmosphere we’ve got points.”  Without hesitation she was on board, I however was now feeling a bit reluctant due to the fact that we wouldn’t even get a full 24 on-site. However, by noon on Friday my inner mouse took over and I was pushing the submit button on reservations. Fuck it, YOLO as the kids say.

Obligatory Orlando Airport Photo op

Disney Springs

Readers of the blog know that I’m firmly in the camp for staying at a Walt Disney World Resort however my stay at the Hilton was free with points and it was just one night.  Plus the pedestrian bridge into Disney Springs connects to the Hilton property so this was a good setup for us this time.

Once inside Disney Springs our hunger took over (as well as our sushi addiction) and we headed to Morimoto Asia and sat at the bar where you still have access to the full menu. The staff was friendly, the food was good and the sake was amazing.




After we loaded up on the offerings from the Iron Chef we were ready to for cocktails and headed to the Boathouse Dockside Bar which offered a view that wasn’t shitty, plus an overall kick ass environment.



Trader Sam’s

After some arm-twisting, I agreed to head to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to catch the Happily Ever After Fireworks from the patio at Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto (okay bullshit, it was my idea). Nonetheless, we arrived grabbed our drinks (they make a Dole Whip and rum drink motherfuckers, I said DOLE WHIP and RUM!!!!) sat down and watched the pyro display. A quick note to those unfamiliar with the area, you cannot see the castle projections from here so manage your expectations, the show is still a nice experience with this view.

Awaiting the show, great view of the Poly and seven Seas Lagoon


The Spicey Pineapple (Dole Whip), and the Mosquito Mojito
We had been to this patio previously to watch Wishes, so this experience wasn’t new to us however we had never been inside the Grog Grotto. That all changed this night and we ended up hanging out for a few rounds just soaking in the odd yet comforting atmosphere of Trader Sam’s.


Our same drinks with better garnish and real glassware (served indoors only)

Disney Springs after dark

After filling up on libations at Trader Sam’s it was time to head back to Disney Springs to round out the night. We had to check out Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar because Indiana Jones would want it no other way. It was fairly empty so we didn’t stay long but here’s some photographic evidence to prove to Dr. Jones that we were there.



It was getting late/early depending on how you look at things, but it was way past our bedtime so we went back to the Dockside Bar at the Boathouse for one last round and grabbed some nice nighttime photos as well.
We didn’t do the balloon ride but for $20 it seems reasonable and clearly looks
pretty damn cool to boot.


A quick panorama of the dockside area

We barely scratched the surface at Disney Springs and even without a visit there you could enjoy just resort hopping around the Disney property and checking out the eateries and watering holes which are unique to each location.  Ultimately it was a great night and we can definitely recommend a parkless Disney night or even a full weekend if you’re a couple looking for something to do together.

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So what are your thoughts, have you done a date night at Disney, what was on your agenda?

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