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UPDATE: Epcot is getting a roller coaster.

In a video posted today by Inside the Magic, Epcot’s VP, Melissa Valiquete has confirmed that the Guardian’s of the Galaxy attraction announced at D23 this summer will in fact be a roller coaster. Up until today Disney had yet to reveal exactly what kind of attraction was coming. Speculations had broke down into two camps one thought it would be a new trackless dark-ride since a coaster wouldn’t exactly fit the Epcot motif. The other camp was betting on Epcot’s first roller coaster and they have been validated. This is the only new detail we have at this time. Hopefully the Disney brass lets us in on more details soon as many who’ve been floating the roller coaster rumor think we could be getting a flying coaster from manufacturer Vekoma

This is a technology they are currently developing and the rumor passes the sniff test as Disney would certainly hesitate to announce something this groundbreaking until they knew full well that it would work. As a bit of a side-step, when watching the video with Melissa Valiquette, it kind of seems like she let that coaster bit slip so hats off to the folks at ITM for capturing this on camera.

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