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Now Available for Purchase: FastPasses at Walt Disney World

Beginning on January 12th, 2018 guests staying in club-level rooms or Disney Vacation Club guests staying at the Cabins at Copper Creek or the Bungalows at the Polynesian will have the option to buy 3 extra FastPasses per day. This according to Chip Skambis of WFTV (ABC-9, Orlando)

This privilege will cost $50 per person per day with a 3 day minimum. And you’ll also gain prime seating for fireworks and/or nighttime shows. Plus you won’t be limited to one park for yor selections

Collectively the Disney fan community have lost their fucking minds over this. Being a part of said community I will calmly ask my brethren to please pipe the fuck down. The regular FP+ program for us commoner is still free and is not changing. Who gives two shits if someone from f wants to pay more. Are we going to start bitching about people paying an extra $200 to get a castle view room? Going to cry because the guy who paid more for his Disney Vacation got a longer stay – GASP! The number of club level guest is limited to a select section of just the Deluxe Resorts and not every one of those guests is going to spring for this add-on.

With that said, if I had the cash I don’t think I could commit to this for 3+ days (I’d might do it for one day if it was possible). The prime seating for fireworks and the ability to book your FP+ selection 90 days out seems nice, but it aint that nice.

Here’s a rundown of the new pilot program:


The extra FastPass+ option will be available to club-level resort guests plus the Polynesian Bungalows and Copper Creek Cabins

The three additional Fastpasses will cost $50 per person, per day and can be used at any park. Guests will need valid theme park admission.

A minimum three-day purchase is required for the add-on, according to Disney.

Club-level resort guests will be able to add the option after making their reservation. The additional Fastpasses can be booked 90 days in advance, instead of the usual 60 days for resort guests.

With the fastpasses, guests will also get preferred viewing for nighttime spectaculars.


What are your thoughts? Would you drop the extra cash for this perk?

2 thoughts on “Now Available for Purchase: FastPasses at Walt Disney World

  1. The extra info in this article surpasses the teaser info crap that I’ve seen since yesterday, it really gave way better details. Much nicer than the “BREAKING” attention grab BS that gives half truth “details” in order to incite effing online warrior riots. Quite honestly I don’t give a shit if someone wants to pay for freaking club level then go ahead and NOT use those perks (which basically amount to some snacks) at their resort because they’re FP+ing it around. Additionally, do we really need to care if said club levelers who probably paid the $3000 minimum for a Plaid to tour them around want to do this another 3 days and get good seats for nighttime viewing? Let’s be real, those are the people who probably booked a $100/person dessert party and then didn’t show up on time or pay the f attention where to GO for said party and then bitched about their view being “behind some inconsiderate jerk with (gasp) a KID”.

    Money grab or no, Disney is keeping up with other theme parks with the “pinkies up” opportunities, while STILL offering FP+ for the peons like me. I’m just glad they did away with the (stupidest freaking idea ever) cabanas in Tomorrowland.

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