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Bob Iger’s 2017 compensation decreases by 17%

Bob Iger, the badass CEO of the Walt Disney Company, reached $43.9 million in total compensation last year.  This year Iger received a base salary of $2.5 million, a performance-based bonus of $15.2 million, and stock options valued at $17.3 million. In addition to money for air travel, security, and matched charitable contributions. Total compensation this year has reached a pitiful $36.3 million, which is a 17% decrease from last year.  Poor son of a bitch. The main difference was the $20 million cash bonus he received last year. The Walt Disney Company said it was mainly due to the absence of growth.  With that being said, Bob inked another contract extension that keeps him the head of the company until 2021. With the purchase of 20th Century Fox, and the upcoming yet-to-be-named Disney ‘direct to consumer product,’ Iger has changed the Wall Street narrative. This new product has growth potential as the only legitimate competitor to Netflix.

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