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Walt Disney World Favorite Table Service Restaurants

Walt Disney World has a shit ton of food options to offer Guests. We’ve collected diverse opinions from experienced parkgoers to help us. We’ve enlisted a kickass group that includes DVC Members, AP holders, and lifetime Disney fans to give their opinions on their favorite table service meals at all the four parks at Walt Disney World. Reservations are a must! 180 days prior to your visit you can start making the necessary reservations.

Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern (menu)(allergy menu)

Liberty Tree Tavern it’s a family style dinner that makes you feel like you’re celebrating Thanksgiving dinner, it’s always consistent we don’t feel like we are eating in an amusement park. – Laura Alagna, DVC Member and AP Holder

*Editors note: Laura and Tom co-own a highly successful authentic Italian restaurant since 1983 Fratelli’s Ristorante in St. Charles, Mo. Notice they didn’t pick Tony’s Town Square. Maybe Disney should take note and stop serving Italian fast-food. 

At Liberty Tree Tavern, there is a variety of food, and plenty of it! Save room for the Ooey Gooey toffee cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. Oh, so good!! – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and parkgoers 

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen (menu)(allergy menu)

I will go with Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen for the name alone. Kidding, I don’t even think I’ve had their most recent menu, since it keeps changing, but I adore all things Jungle Cruise so the ambiance alone wins for me here. And they serve booze. #ProTip – Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder

*Jungle Skipper Canteen review coming soon* – Steve Rhodes, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Be Our Guest Restaurant (menu)(allergy menu)

By default, this has to be my top choice. It was decent steak the one time I ate there, and seeing the look on my wifes face when she met Beast was an unexpected bonus of joy on her part. Truth be told though, my first choice is bailing on the park and heading over to one of the resorts or Disney Springs.  Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

*Editors note: Because of the Magic Kingdom monorail loop, the California grill and ‘Ohana are only minutes away. 


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (menu)(allergy menu)

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is the only TS I’ve been to, it was for dinner. Fun time for all of our kids, and the food was not bad. We live in a Scandinavian-rich region, and I’m used to that type of food. Doesn’t mean I’m eating all of it, but I ain’t scared. – Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP HolderAkershus

A princess lunch is always a winner. This one included a delicious ‘Taste of Norway’ buffet, hard to pick entrees, and an assorted dessert plate. I settled on cheese stuffed pasta, and wasn’t disappointed. Start to finish, everything was so damn good. – Tori Neistat, Lifetime Disney fan and park goer 

La Hacienda de San Angel (menu)(allergy menu)

La Hacienda de San Angel – Not to be confused with the fuckery that is San Angel Inn nested inside the Mexico show building. La Hacienda is a great place to eat and watch Illuminations (provided you can score a table on the window). – Steve Rhodes, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Tutto Italia Ristorante (menu)(allergy menu)

It’s kind of a hidden gem, as Via Napoli gets all the attention at the Italian Pavilion. The menu plays the hits with their pasta selection but also has a wide range of options to keep the foodies happy.  Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

Teppan Edo (menu)

Japan’s Teppan Edo is a favorite of our Family. You’re not only getting incredible Japanese meal but a wonderful show as they cook in front of you. The only downside is it’s expensive but worth every penny. You do sit with another family but it’s not uncomfortable but also make sure you make reservations before your trip because it’s a popular restaurant. – Tom Alagna, DVC Member and AP Holder

Biergarten Restaurant (menu)(allergy menu)

The Biergarten Restaurant has great entertainment to accompany their savory and sweet assortment. The buffet is filled with traditional German food that is slightly modified for the American taste. I’ll hold my glass up for this restaurant! – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and parkgoers 

Animal Kingdom

Tusker House Restaurant (menu)(allergy menu)

Tusker House is my favorite here, the character breakfast buffet is simply fantastic. If you get a late enough breakfast time, you can rope drop some key rides before basically making this be brunch, as they switch over the food without clearing the restaurant. This can happen whether or not you intended to do it…so, bonus, or too bad, but it’s really double the menu choices! Use the breakfast as a Rivers of Light Dining Package for a sweet double down time (and FP+) saver. – Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder 

Tusker House Restaurant is our choice when it comes to a character breakfast. Unique, yet scrumptious flavors offered on the buffet. While enjoying breakfast, you will be able to meet and greet with some of Disney’s favorites. – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and parkgoers

Best breakfast buffet at any of the four parks. The character breakfast is a great place to score the Fab 4’s signatures, so you don’t have to waste time in a damn line later.  Pat Neistat, Notclub33 Co Owner

I’m beholden to selecting a place I’ve actually eaten at, so between Yak & Yeti (yak being the operative word) and Tusker House, I’ve got to go with the latter. Just pace yourself and realize you don’t have to do the buffett in Vegas thing where you try to eat back the money you lost. That said, the wife and I both want to try Tiffen’s and based on what I’ve seen on that menu, it would blow Tusker House out. Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

*Editors note: Animal Kingdom Lodge has three kickass restaurants Boma, Jiko, and Sanaa that are a bus ride down the road.

Hollywood Studios

50’s Prime Time Café (menu)(allergy menu)

We love home cooking so the perfect table service for us is Prime Time Cafe, we’ve had the meatloaf, pot roast and the best is the fried chicken dinner. You’re treated as if you’re family sitting in your mom’s kitchen and the decor takes you back in time 50s and 60s, so much fun. – Laura Alagna, DVC Member and AP Holder

Eat your vegetables, unless you want to see them again with whipped cream and Mickey Mouse sprinkles on top! Bring your manners and a good sense of humor to the 50’s Prime Time Cafe’. Flavorful food, desserts, and milkshakes. Always enjoyable! – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and parkgoers

Tune-in-Lounge (menu)(allergy menu)

50’s Prime Time Cafe Bar. Pro tip, they serve the same exact menu as the cafe. Also, if you just want one of those awesome milk shakes, no reservation is necessary. – Pat Neistat, Notclub33 Co Owner

Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant (menu)(allergy menu)

It’s not the best dining option available, but I do find it to be the most enjoyable. I get a good laugh out of the movies/trailers they play on screen, and I’m just happy there’s other science fiction represented at the parks other than Star Wars (though I’m sure they’ll be running the whole saga in there once the purchase of 20th Century Fox goes through). Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner


This space intentionally left blank. – Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder

Editors note: No one says you have to eat here. Lots of other options with the Epcot Area Resorts a short walk away. 

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