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You ain’t never heard a rumor like me (May 2018)

Walt Disney had a vision that theme parks would be ever evolving.  Walt understood that advances in technology and the power of imagination would enable his Imagineers to keep pushing forward to create newer and better things. This vision of an always changing theme park sparks the excitement of the rumor mill.

Introducing our new monthly installment: Rumors! Notclub33 has the 411 when it comes to the various Walt Disney World rumors. We’ll provide you with the names of the people spreading gossip (or truth?) and give our always colorful commentary. If we think it’s legit or bullshit we’ll let you know, and we’re keeping track of the accuracy of the rumors. This will be updated monthly.

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future” Walt Disney

Steve’s comments in green

Pat’s comments in blue

Magic Kingdom

New:  May 2018  Carousel of Progress (New Ending), Peoplemover (New Scenes), and Speedway – Martin Smith from wdw magic says these will get updates before the 50th anniversary.

The speedway  needs more than a damn update

I’m okay with all of this stuff happening. I think the Speedway stuff is imminent considering they already had the old cars from Tokyo Disney on site. Back on February 1st, Mickey Views reported this would be getting reskinned into a Tron speedway.

New: May 2018  New nighttime parade – Big Fat Panda’s interview with former MK VP Dan Cockerell say its possible for the 50th anniversary

I personally don’t care but I know many people have been clamoring for this, no reason WDW doesn’t have a nighttime parade by now.

Wreck it Ralph attraction to replace Stitch’s Great Escape – (MagicFeather and Martin Smith at WDWmagic)

Seems like a foregone conclusion this shit is happening. Whether or not it’s Ralph, only time will tell.

As long as Stitch’s Not So Great Escape is dead, I’m happy. 

Haunted Mansion restaurant – We can’t identify who started this one.

This is potentially a badass concept, but  again where the hell would this one go?

Who wouldn’t want to eat here? Not anyone I would consider sane. However, this would most likely involve a re-theme of a currently operating restaurant due to space. The closest one being Columbia Harbour House which would cause pandemonium in the #DisTwitter world. I don’t see it happening.


New: May 2018 New Illuminations – Several sources say it will be called  Windows of the World  and should be here in 2019.

All good things must come to an end I suppose, if it’s anything like the replacement Happily Ever After was to Wishes, I’m all for it!

Inside Out Joining Figment – The DIS says Inside Out will be coming to the Imagination pavilion.

I’m okay with this so long as Figment isn’t treated like an afterthought….again

Coco is replacing Gran Fiesta Tour – MagicFeather at WDWMagic says Coco replacing Gran Fiesta Tour is all but certain.

Update April 2018 – marni1971 from wdwmagic is saying that the Coco overlay to Gran Fiesta Tour is unlikely.

This would be an easy rehash for Disney. There are very few animatronics to replace, the fiesta scene would basically just need to replace the Caballeros with Miguel and Dante. The rest of the ride is essentially just screens and the surrounding facade is already Mexico so you’d think we would have heard something official on this by now considering the popularity of Coco.

I hope this rumor isn’t dead. Seems like a perfect match. 

Brazil Pavilion – Martin at WDWMagic says this will be done by 2022.

Folks, they’ve been talking about this shit since I was a kid. However, anything that expands the World Showcase is okay with me.

Ditto what Pat said.

Marry Poppins in UK Pavilion – (MagicFeather and Martin at WDWMagic)

We’ve heard rumors of Brave and Poppins, but Poppins seems to be the winner based on their sources.

Mary Poppins is sadly underused in the parks and that’s a damn shame. Hopefully this will rectify this injustice.

Epcot Resort – (Magic Feather from WDWMagic) The Epcot resort could happen in one of three locations all within the Future World area. Tom Cordless from WDWNT says based on a permit (that shows absolutely nothing) it’s going in the front of the park.

Corless is talking out of his ass like Ace Ventura.

Corless talking out of his ass? Ya don’t say. I do happen to agree with him on this, but that’s just because it’s the most logical spot. It’s NOT based on any knowledge of the matter from an insider perspective.

Animal Kingdom

Zootopia Expansion – Jim Hill says Zootopia is coming to Animal Kingdom.

Sometimes I think that Jim just makes shit up.

I hope Jim is right. I also hope to win the Powerball.

Indiana Jones replacing Dinosaur/Dinoland USA – Visionary Soul at WDWMagic says there is a possibility of an Indiana Jones themed land. South American themed with Dr. Jones Attractions.

Update: May 2018 MansionButler84 and marni1971 are saying the latest information they have regarding Dinoland USA was updates to the land itself with DINOSAUR remaining unchanged.

I’m down with that shit.

We can all agree that if Dinoland goes, the world instantly becomes a better place. This new update to the rumor seems like a waste of money and time either nix it or keep it. Hopefully it’s killed off with no mercy.

Hollywood Studios

April 2018 – TheVisionarySoul from wdwmagic says that the following attractions are likely to close in the next four years:

Closing – Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Muppet*Vision 3-D, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Re-Imagining – Star Tours: The Adventures Continue and Rock ‘N Roller Coaster

Hell, none of these shock me. The closing of the Indiana Jones stunt show would give credence to the rumored boat ride.

This will all most likely happen. Hopefully we’ll get a new iteration of Dr Jones somewhere else in the Parks before i does though.

Indiana Jones Boat Ride – marni1971 from wdwmagic is spreading rumors that the ride system used for Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle of the Shrunken Treasure attraction from Shanghai will be placed somewhere in the Echo Lake area.

Update: May 2018 – MansionButler84 and marni1971 are saying Indiana Jones would be a possible attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sounds badass. Although, it smells like someone is making shit up. Dr. Jones is either going into Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, but not both.

I’m cool with this happening. It would certainly help alleviate the crowds that gather for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. However it I had to put my money on it, I’d bet on more Pixar before more Indy at DHS.


Transportation between Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge – Martin Smith says new transportation between the two is being talked about.

This can’t happen soon enough. It’s the only Deluxe resort that has only bus service.

Skyliner! Skyliner! Skyliner!

Rumor Is True

New Tower at the Contemporary – Len Testa from touringplans has said that a ‘suite only’ tower will replace the current convention space.

This would leave the Grand Floridian as the only convention space near Magic Kingdom. The current convention area at the Contemporary is 115,000 sq ft. At the Grand Floridian it’s just 40,000 sq ft. That’s an ass load of space to give up, they better sell the shit outta those suites if this is true.

New Hotel at the former River Country Waterpark site – Tom Corless

Disney did file permits which essentially say they are exploring this area again as building site. It doesn’t say for what and again the permits are simply for a “geotechnical investigation” which is essentially the beginning stage of finding out whether or not a piece of land is suitable for a development. But if you follow Mr. Corless and his ever-knowing wisdom this means there will be a new resort there by dinner time.


This is the section where we keep score on the people pushing the rumors

Trouble? No way. You’re only in trouble if you get caught.

Moana in Adventureland – Jim Hill is at it again claiming that Disney is mulling over an old idea, Fire Mountain.


Tell us the Truth Jim!!!!!!!

New Monorail Trains – We can’t identify who started this one but Disney is meeting with companies to build new monorail trains in time for the 50th anniversary.

April 2018: Tom Cordless is reporting that a new fleet of Monorails has been ordered for Walt Disney World. The trains will reportedly be built by Bombardier of Canada, the same company that manufactured the current Mark VI trains. The article also speculated that the trains would likely be a version of Bombardier’s INNOVIA 300 model. This model is currently being used in Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

April 29th  Disney Legend Bob Gurr basically confirmed that new monorails are coming to Walt Disney World in the coming years.


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