Walt Disney World’s New Ticket System Launched Today and Price Hikes Came With It

As we told you three weeks ago. Disney was introducing a new date-based ticketing system.  As expected all peak season tickets have increased and based on the pricing model that we’re seeing peak-season consist of about 48 weeks. You can find “deals” if your dates are in the late January to early February window and also late August to early September in 2019. On running a cost comparison versus my recent trip which would fall into that “deal” window for August-September, I’d still be paying about $20 more per ticket than I would have had I booked my 7-day park hopper directly from Disney. Outside of those times you can expect to pay $50 more for your ticket than what was previously available.

As I alluded to I would pay about $20 more per ticket for my same 2018 travel dates for a park hopper had I booked with Disney directly which I absolutely did not because that would be stupid. I used Undercover Tourist this go-around and right now they still have some supply of the old style tickets that don’t require specific travel dates and don’t expire until 12/31/2019. If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World before then, buy right the fuck NOW NOW NOW. These won’t last long and other reputable brokers, like Park Savers (who I’ve also used in the past), are out of inventory. I paid $1,416 for two adults and one child 7-day park hopper. If I went those same dates next year and booked directly with Disney the cost would be $1,568.

What is yet to be determined is what’s going to happen to these third-party ticket brokers. Right now they get wholesale rates on tickets from Disney and pass the savings on to you, plus their prices include taxes and fees up front, which Disney conveniently doesn’t disclose until you’re in the checkout phase. Hopefully there will still be deals to be had from these reputable third-party vendors once they’ve all exhausted their supply of old tickets, but you can be damn sure the price isn’t going to be what it was before, it never is. So do yourself a favor and buy the old tickets while you still can.



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