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Walt Disney Movie Releases for 2019

Here is a list of the upcoming Walt Disney theatrical releases for 2019. Walt Disney studios is releasing 12 movies this year. Disney Studios, Disney Animation, Pixar, LucasFilm, and Marvel Studios are all being featured. It looks like another kickass year for the Studios wing of the company. Disney has raked in over $6 billion in gross ticket sales for 3 straight years.

Editor’s note: We will be adding movie trailers as soon as they’re released

March 8th – Captain Marvel

March 29th – Dumbo

April 17th – Penguins

April 26th – Avengers: End Game

May 24th – Aladdin

June 21st – Toy Story 4

July 5th – Spiderman: Far From Home

July 19th – Lion King

August 9th – Artemis Fowl

October 4th – Lady and the Tramp

November 22nd – Frozen 2

December 20th- Star Wars: Episode 9

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