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The Ultimate Disney World Packing List

Walt Disney World Ultimate Packing List

by Steve Rhodes and Pat Neistat

We’ve built this list not as an all encompassing list for what to pack, but as items that we recommend for touring a theme park, specifically Walt Disney World. So don’t comment saying we forgot underwear, socks, and the whatnot. You can find generic lists via a simple search of the web, so don’t blame us if your dumbass forgot to pack toothpaste.

The List

Magic Bands / Park Tickets

(don’t be stupid)

Comfortable Walking Shoes

(DO NOT try and brave the parks in flip flops for your weeklong stay, your feet will be fucked)


(Disney will charge you a ridiculous fee for this cheap plastic item, so buy it beforehand because it indeed will rain)


(Disney has big ass cumbersome strollers, so invest in a good one)


(You need something to carry all of your shit)

Hand Sanitizer



Body Glide

(Chafed thighs are no fun. Be smart and protect yourself)



(If you get motion sickness)

Wall Charger

USB battery pack

(Keep your phone charged all day)

USB or battery powered fan

(A great way to cool down while waiting for the afternoon parade)



(Order from Amazon Prime Now and have it delivered to your hotel to save on packing space)

Cooling Towel

(These are kickass)


Kids Disney Costumes

(Buy your pirates and princess costumes, etc before you arrive. You’ll pay triple once you’re at Disney)

Mickey Ears

(Etsy has lots of cool options)

Autograph Books

(Disney charges a shit ton for these, make sure to grab one before you go)

Retractable Sharpie 

(You don’t have to worry about the damn cap)

Glow Sticks

(Something cool for the kids to play with while waiting for fireworks)

Hydro Flask

(Water or Booze. We’ll leave it up to you)

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