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Dining Review: Columbia Harbour House

Menu (Allergy Menu) The Columbia Harbor House is located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. It’s a quick service restaurant that serves fried chicken, shrimp, and fish. In addition to the fried food they have grilled salmon, lobster rolls, and England clam chowder. As a result of them serving a shit ton of fried food, the gluten free options were limited to fried chicken or grilled salmon. Mobile ordering is available.

The Background

The Columbia Harbour House theming is actually really dope. Since it’s located in Liberty Square it has a colonial theme. It has a bunch of nautical decor around the restaurant. For example, on the second floor there is a big ass wooden steering wheel. Since the Harbour House is two stories you’ll see tons of cool shit to look at. Also, you should be able to find quiet seating on the second floor.

Gluten Free Food

Anyone who’s gluten free knows it’s hard to find good fried chicken. Go with the fried chicken and you won’t be disappointed. It’s really damn good. Columbia Harbour House has a dedicated fryer so it always comes out hot and fresh. For that reason, it does take a little bit longer for the food to be prepared. But who the hell cares. If this is a big problem just use mobile ordering and find your seat before picking up your food.

To conclude, I highly recommend the Columbia Harbour House if you have a gluten/wheat allergy. There isn’t too many places you can get a quick, hot, fresh meal in a damn theme park. It’s actually my family’s favorite place to eat while at Magic Kingdom.

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