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Starch Madness 2019 | WDW Restaurantology

Based on voting done by our super secret panel of experts totally not named Becky, Bobby, Pat or Steve we’ve seeded a bracket of Walt Disney World restaurant favorites. We used user search frequency for specific menus on our site plus view counts for restaurant reviews and coupled that with our four individual opinions (we each provided a top 25 list of restaurants without seeing each others picks first). The only caveat is there are no food carts or basically anywhere that doesn’t have a designated seating area included. I compiled everything into a typical March-style bracket and holy shit some of the first round pairings are unexpected. Not to much surprise California Grill tok the overall #1 seed. But places like Raglan Road and Polite Pig ended up as #16s, not that those place would be a first pick for most but damn, I guess that goes to show how many good options you’ve got on the Walt Disney World property.

Downloadable Bracket (pdf)

So to coincide with the craze of NCAA basketball we’ll be whittling the field down to a winner over the next few weeks via our in house picks plus polls on Twitter. so follow us there if you want to play along. Also, if you want to download a bracket to fill out feel free to do so here, if you want us to use your specific bracket in our tally send it to info@notclub33.com and we’ll count it in as an equal vote along with our super secret panel of experts.

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