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Animal Kingdom: Stress-Free 1 Day Plan

Do not mistake this for a zoo. With the addition of Pandora-The World of Avatar, you now need a full day plan when going to Animal Kingdom. Notclub33 has your ass covered because we formulated a 1 day plan. By following our plan (closely or loosely) it will bring down your stress levels and make your day more enjoyable. This is a semi-relaxed plan that will help you hit most of the attractions Animal Kingdom as to offer.

We have included our scores on each suggested attraction. Feel free to score them yourself, and be sure to let us know what you think.

You can reserve 3 FastPasses 60 or 30 days in advance of your trip (based on your accommodations). Animal Kingdom has a tiered FastPass system similar to Epcot. Editor’s Note: You won’t be getting a FastPass for the rides of Pandora inside of 60 days so staying on Disney property benefits you greatly here, otherwise you’ll be in a line for 2+ hours minimum for both of Pandora’s offerings.

You can choose 1 FastPass from Pandora-The World of Avatar, which includes Avatar Flight of Passage (10), and Na’vi River Journey (8.83).

You can choose 2 FastPasses from everything else available at Animal Kingdom!

You can reserve 3 FastPasses 60 or 30 days in advance of your trip (based on your accommodations). Avatar Flight of Passage (10), Kali River Rapids (8.08), and Expedition Everest (8.83) are our recommendations for FastPass. After using all 3 FastPasses, you will have the capability of reserving a fourth FastPass. Obviously, you can switch it around to fit your needs and likes.  *Editor’s Note: People with small children- please check the height restrictions on each attraction. 

1.) Get your ass up for the 9:00 AM rope drop at Animal Kingdom. This allows you to get a head start and beat the crowds. *Editor’s Note: No joke, get there early. There is no shade at Animal Kingdom and it is hot as shit.

2.) Immediately head to Pandora and take a cruise on the Na’vi River Journey (8.83). Pandora is visually incredible, so take a little time to soak it all in. *Editor’s Note: Grab a drink from Pongu Pongu. All of the drinks are super sweet but delicious. Is it too early for a margarita? -No, No it is not.

3.) Head out of Pandora and straight to Africa, so you can hop onto Kilimanjaro Safaris (9.33). Early morning is a great time for this attraction because animals are naturally more active in the morning. If you have extra time you could enjoy the Maharajah Jungle Trek or Gorilla Falls Exploration. If you don’t have time at this point, you’ll be able to find time later.

4) Reserve your first FastPass for Expedition Everest (8.83) at 9am-10am in Asia. Hopefully, that damn Yeti is working!  *Editor’s Note: 44in (112cm) or taller. This attraction has a single rider line if your kids can’t ride or someone want to go at it alone! Also, if that isn’t an option, enjoy the Maharajah Jungle Trek and Gorilla Falls Exploration at this time. Do you have time for a Dole Whip with or without dark rum? Tamu Tamu Refreshments has your addiction covered!

5) After enjoying a kickass thrill ride, make your way to the a show of Festival of the Lion King (7.92) in Africa. No need to FastPass this show because it has plenty of sitting.

6.) Time to use your second FastPass for 10-11am- Get your ass back to Pandora and ride Avatar Flight of Passage (10). Time for lunch! No need to make a lunch reservation because Pandora has a great quick service restaurant. The Satu’li Canteen is arguably the best quick service restaurant at any Disney theme park. *Editor’s Note: Avatar Flight of Passage 44in (112cm) or taller. Seriously, find a way to ride Avatar Flight of Passage because it’s badass. Have one parent wait with the kids while the other rides, and vice versa. 

7.) Head over to Discovery Island,  enjoy the Tree of Life while waiting for It’s Tough to be a Bug (8.33). Use your third FastPass in Asia 12-2pm for Kali River Rapids (8.08). Keep checking for FastPass’s for the attractions you want to ride.

8.) Check out times for Finding Nemo-The Musical (7.33) 3pm and 4pm times are usually available. It’s a 40 min show, so keep that in mind. Keep checking for FastPass’s to minimize your wait times. While in the area head over to the shitshow known as Dinoland and decide whether to ride TriceraTop Spin (2.33), Primeval Whirl (3.67), and Dinosaur (7.50) *Editor’s Note: Primeval Whirl 48in (122cm) or taller. Consider yourself lucky if your kids aren’t old enough to ride.

9.) Dinnertime- and you’ve got a lot of choices. Boma, Sanaa, and Jiko are only a short bus ride away at Animal Kingdom Lodge. You will not be disappointed if you make dining reservations at one of these three fantastic restaurants. *Editor’s Note: Animal Kingdom Park has lots of dinner options if you decide to stay in the park. If you’re tired (or overheated), head back to your resort after dinner or you can head over to Magic Kingdom if you have the Park Hopper, for Happily Ever After!

10.) Go back to Animal Kingdom Park and enjoy Rivers of Light  and the Tree of Life Awakenings. *Editor’s Note: If you have time, grab a Dole Whip and walk around the Tree of Life and check out all of the animal carvings. It’s a kickass game to play with your kids, in a group, or with a significant other.   

Email us at info@notclub33.com for dining suggestions and questions about touring Animal Kingdom.

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