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Magic Kingdom: Stress-Free 1 Day Plan

Oh shit, you only have one day to spend at Magic Kingdom? Going to Magic Kingdom without a plan can be completely overwhelming, not to mention stupid. Notclub33 has your ass covered because we formulated a 1 day plan.  By following our plan (closely or loosely) it will bring down your stress levels and make your day more enjoyable. This is a semi-relaxed plan that will help you hit all the classics and maybe miss some of the lesser enjoyable attractions. *Editor’s Note: This plan is not the most efficient way to tour, it’s about ease. For instance more veteran travelers would utilize their initial FastPass+ allotment as quickly as possible in order to gain more FastPass+ opportunities later in the day. Whereas this plan has the initial 3 FastPass+ spread out because someone looking for ease isn’t going to be checking the My Disney Experience app every 5 minutes looking to add a FP+. This plan is meant for those wanting a guideline in order to reduce stress while touring the Disney Parks. For a more advanced touring method checkout our guide on How to FastPass like a Pro.

We have included our scores on each suggested attraction. Feel free to score them yourself, and be sure to let us know what you think.

You can reserve 3 FastPasses 60 or 30 days in advance of your trip (based on your accommodations). Peter Pan (9), Space Mountain (9.33), and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (8.75) are our recommendations for FastPass. Obviously, you can switch it around to fit your needs and likes.

1.) Get your ass up for the 9:00 AM rope drop at Magic Kingdom. This allows you to get a head start and beat the damn crowds.

2.) Start in Adventureland and jump aboard Jungle Cruise (9) and Pirates of the Caribbean (9.42). Don’t worry about wasting a FastPass on these attractions because most people head straight to Fantasyland early in the morning. After enjoying these two classics, head over to another one of our favorites, Haunted Mansion (9.17). You should be able to get all three done by around 10am. Editor’s Note: Now would also be a good time to grab a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle, get it served over pineapple-upside down cake and it’s basically breakfast. Also, you could try hitting Splash Mountain (8.92) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (8.17) instead on of Haunted Mansion. 


3.) Reserve your first FastPass for Peter Pan (9) for 9-10am. This damn ride always has a wait. Good luck riding this bastard without a FastPass!

4.) After a trip to Neverland, head across the way for a little nostalgia and hit up It’s a Small World (8.58). While in Fantasyland you could also choose to do both Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (6.08), and Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid (6.5) if the wait times are low. Otherwise, use your extra Fastpass’s on these rides.

5.) 10-11AM use your second FastPass on Space Mountain (9.33). Then head over to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress (8.17) to beat the oppressive heat. Mosey over to Gaston’s Tavern and grab a nice cool Lefou’s Brew. Maybe hit Dumbo the Flying Elephant (6.75) after enjoying the cool treat. Make your way to The Hall of Presidents (8) and maybe catch The Muppets- Great Moments in American History (7.16). You could also catch a couple of corny jokes at Country Bear Jamboree (5.67), or enjoy Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room (8) while the other park-goers melt in the sun.

6.) 11-12pm I’d use that third FastPass for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (8.75). Make an advanced dining reservation for Be Our Guest restaurant for lunch anytime around 12-1pm. You will not be disappointed. It is the best damn themed restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Grab a Fast Pass before eating lunch,  and check out the attraction Enchanted Tales with Belle (7.67). This is a great attraction to rest your stomach after a good meal.

7.) Keep checking for Fastpass’s to minimize your wait times for Splash Mountain (8.92) and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (8.17). Hell, this can save you from waiting 30-50 minutes in these two lines or that 2 hour wait for Peter Pan. Editor’s Note: If you don’t want to wait in lines you could use this time as a snack break and grab a Dole Whip at Aloha Isle and if you want to skip the line entirely you can use mobile ordering.

8.) Dinnertime- and you’ve got a lot of choices. There is the adventurous Skipper Canteen, traditional/safe Columbia Harbor House, character meal at Cinderella’s Royal Table, or family style Liberty Tree Tavern. There are many other quick service options, too. You can’t really go wrong here.

Note: Most table service restaurants need advanced dining reservations.

9.) After dinner, head over to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (8.42) and take in Tomorrowland at nighttime. It’s a real treat. Keep checking for FastPass’s to minimize wait times. If you have time before the fireworks, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (5.25) and Astro Obiter (1.83) are also located in Tomorrowland.

10.) Give yourself plenty of time for the fireworks show Happily ever After, which usually starts at 9pm. Pick out a spot with a close center view of the castle 45 minutes- 1 hour before the show. If it means cutting out a couple attractions during the course of the day, then by all means do so. This is the most badass firework/projection show you’ll ever see. After Happily ever After you may have time to get on another attraction of your choice. Editor’s Note: During your wait for the the show it would be a good time to send one of the members of your party to fetch Dole Whips for the whole crew.

11.) End the night shopping for souvenirs. Don’t waste your time shopping during the day. The shops on Main Street USA close an hour after the park closes. Editor’s Note: If you want more Dole Whip (because you do), hop on the Monorail and head to Disney’s Polynesian Resort. The Pineapple Lanai has Dole Whip and they’re open until at least 10pm. If you want to liven yours up with rum, walk a few feet over to Trader Sam’s Tiki Terrace and order the Spikey Pineapple.

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