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Epcot: Stress-Free 1 Day Plan

One day at Epcot is much easier to accomplish than Magic Kingdom. With that being said, going to Epcot without a plan can be completely overwhelming. Notclub33 has your ass covered because we formulated a 1 day plan. By following our plan (closely or loosely) it will bring down your stress levels and make your day more enjoyable. This is a semi-relaxed plan that will help you hit every attraction, country, and even have time for some Character Meet & Greets.

We have included our scores on each suggested attraction. Feel free to score them yourself, and be sure to let us know what you think.

You can reserve 3 FastPasses 60 or 30 days in advance of your trip (based on your accommodations). Epcot has a little different system than Magic Kingdom as they use a tiered FastPass system.

You can choose 1 FastPass from Group A, which includes Frozen Ever After (8.58), Soarin’ around the World (9.42), Test Track (7.50), and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

You can choose 2 FastPasses from Group B, which includes Mission: Space Green or Orange (6.92), Spaceship Earth (7.75), Living with the Land (6.17), The Seas with Nemo and Friends (6.08), Turtle Talk with Crush (5.75), Journey Into the Imagination with Figment (4.17), Meet Disney Pals at Epcot Character Spot, and Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival.

You can reserve 3 FastPasses 60 or 30 days in advance of your trip (based on your accommodations). Frozen Ever After (8.58), Spaceship Earth (7.75), and Mission: Space Green or Orange (6.92) are our recommendations for FastPass. After using all 3 FastPasses, you will have the capability of reserving a fourth FastPass. Obviously, you can switch it around to fit your needs and likes. *Editor’s Note: People with small kids- please check the height restrictions on each attraction and definitely use a FastPass on Meet Disney Pals at Epcot Character Spot if our suggestions don’t work for you.

1.) Get your ass up for the 9:00 AM rope drop at Epcot. This allows you to get a head start and beat the damn crowds.

2.) Start by heading straight to Test Track (7.50), you’ll be able to walk right on this attraction. It has long ass lines if you attempt later without a FastPass.*Editor’s Note: Test Track 40in (102cm) or taller. This attraction has a single rider line if your kids can’t ride or someone want to go at it alone! You could easily start with step 2 and find time later for Test Track.

3.) Immediately head straight for The Land Pavilion for Soarin’ Around the World (9.42), with the new third theater wait times have been more manageable but don’t risk it and instead try to beat the early crowds. While at the Land Pavilion hop aboard Living with the Land (6.17).*Editor’s Note: Soarin’ Around the World 40in (102cm) or taller.

4.) After enjoying a great educational and fun boat ride thru the Disney greenhouse, make your way to The Seas Pavilion and ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends (6.08). While in the Pavilion take in Turtle Talk with Crush (5.75) and check out the kickass aquarium before you leave! Stop and have a snack now. *Editor’s Note: Damn, no Dole Whips in Epcot. You’ll have to settle for an ice cream or something you packed for the day.

5.) Use your first FastPass for 10-11am on Spaceship Earth (7.75). People typically ride this attraction first because it’s the first one they see, which allows you to get to the other stuff earlier. Next, use your second FastPass for 11am-12pm reservation for Mission: Space Green or Orange (6.92)This is also a good time for Meet Disney Pals at Epcot Character Spot. *Editor’s Note: Mission: Space 40in (102cm) or taller. 

6.) It’s time to start thinking about lunch. You have lots of good options in Epcot. One suggestion is to stop and eat at Sunshine Seasons before heading to the World Showcase. Sunshine Seasons is a quick service in the Land Pavilion with a nice variety. We prefer to eat inside the World Showcase because it is closer to the third suggested FastPass Frozen Ever After (8.58).  La Cantina De Angel in Mexico is a good place for lunch. You could also plan a character meal at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall.  Regardless of whether you decide to eat in Mexico or not, be sure to tour the Pavilion and enjoy a margarita at La Cava del Tequila and ride Grand Fiesta Tour- Starring the Three Caballeros (5.83).

7.) After lunch, hit up your third FastPass Frozen Ever After (8.58). Finish the ride and you should have a fourth FastPass available. (We can’t hold your hand the whole damn time). So, choose the one that best fits you and your needs. On second thought, we can and will suggest Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, if available. Although, the FastPass is not necessary to enjoy the nighttime show. Choosing a FastPass for this provides you a center stage seat. You will have other options to view the show, of course, but without the FastPass you might not be guaranteed the best view.

8.) Remember the hand holding? We’re letting you go through the Showcase at your own speed. There are shows, character meets, and other fun things to do at each Pavilion. Check out our review of the World Showcase! *Editor’s Note: We DO suggest boozing around the world with or without kids (and please pace yourself if you do have kids). Also, treat yourself to a snack from Les Halles Boulangerie & Patisserie. It’s the shit.

9.) After strolling around the World ShowCase you could hit up Journey Into the Imagination with Figment (4.17) or head towards your fourth FastPass.

10.) Rest up for dinner and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, which starts at 9pm. Options for dinner are endless. You can eat anywhere on the Monorail stops or pick a place in the World Showcase!

*Editor’s Note: Honestly, Epcot has a couple shit attractions that some teens and adults might not be satisfied with, also kids can get easily bored with the Showcase. You could make Epcot into a half day and head to Magic Kingdom in the evening if you have the Park Hopper, or back to your resort for rest and pool time before heading back to Epcot for dinner and night activities. You could also get your Dole Whip fix at this time!

Email us at info@notclub33.com for dinner suggestions and questions about touring Epcot.

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  1. On your Epcot: Stress-Free 1 Day Plan, the quick service in the Land Pavilion is Sunshine Seasons, not Electric Umbrella. Electric Umbrella is over on the other side across from Mouse Gears.

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