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How to FastPass+ Like a Pro at Walt Disney World (2019)


2. Often

In the Early section above I noted to use your 3 FastPasses early. This is because of a topic that is often overlooked or only glossed over. That is the fact that after you’ve burned your three initial FP+ selections you can book another one and once you’ve used it book another, then another and so on.  If you’ve got a park-hopper ticket after your initial 3 FP+ selections you can even book your next selections at another park. So if you went to Hollywood Studios in the morning and used three fast passes then saw an FP available of for a ride at another park you could totally book that. Or you could stay at Hollywood Studios and eat crappy counter service food and book your fourth FastPass there because you hate life. But I digress… the “often” tip extends even further and this is where pros and amateurs get separated in my book. Using the My Disney Experience App to modify your FastPass selections on the fly is pro-style touring so if you want to stay in the minor leagues then check out our Stress Free Day Plans.

For the rest of you you’re gonna have to stick with me here: Say you’ve got your initial three Magic Kingdom FastPasses booked for 9-10am at Seven Dwarfs, 10-11 at Peter Pan, and 11-12 at Space Mountain. The average guest is gonna adhere to those times and they’ll be fine. But folks like me try to get more out of the system. Once you’ve scaned your MagicBand or Park Ticket for that first FastPass at 7DMT it’s considered “used” by Disney. Meaning the hour staggering interval is now over and you can modify your next FP+ selection for Peter Pan immediately as long as there’s availability (probably not available for this particular ride but check anyway.) So you got lucky and found a 9:15 or 9:30 FastPass for Peter Pan now you’re interval between your first two rides is minimal. So then you head to Peter Pan and again once you scan your MagicBand hop into your My Disney Experience (MDX) app and try to modify Space Mountain for an earlier time if you get lucky and say a 10am FP for Space Mountain pops up (entirely possible on a slower day) then you’ve just killed your initial FP+ allotment in 1 hour instead of 3. Now just keep refreshing the app to find other available FastPasses in the same manner. This is the reason I say to book early in the day initially, because as the day goes on some rides will run out of their FP+ allotment for that day so you’ve  go much better chance of catching a same day FastPass earlier than later. Now in the example above that was ideal, most likely you’re not going to be able to modify the Peter Pan FP+ because that ride is very popular, but since it’s early in the day you could hop over to It’s A Small World and/or Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo or whatever floats your boat in FantasyLand to kill time. Those rides won’t have line that early in the day as all of the people who didn’t score a FP for the likes of 7DMT, Peter Pan, or the Mountain rides are crowding those queues instead. Also, I need to point out that when modifying a FastPass it doesn’t have to be for the same ride you can change it if you find something that suits you better timewise, location-wise or because your 4 year old just has to see XYZ attraction. Editor’s Note: Make sure you have a fully charged phone in the parks if you’re going to be pounding the MDX app to modify FP selections routinely and/or buy a battery pack to keep all your shit charged on the go.


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