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How to FastPass+ Like a Pro at Walt Disney World (2019)


3. Never

Never ever ever take a Disney blogger’s advice as scripture (besides this actual sentence). Everything I’ve told you thus far works for me in a nearly flawless fashion, but you may tour very differently – see our Stress Free Day Plans, they might fit you better. So this shit is all relative. Use my words as a reference point and if it vibes with you then maybe incorporate it into your touring of the parks, or say fuck Steve and do what you do. If you’ve read this far you probably know that my advice is probably going to work for you, but if you just like reading shit about Disney and you’re still not picking up what I’m putting down, first of all thanks for reading all of these words and secondly please don’t try and force my touring style into your day plans if it’s gonna make you less happy.

Now, I’m gonna have a bit of a rant so buckle up… I’m tired of reading/watching/hearing these self proclaimed Disney experts telling folks NEVER USE A FASTPASS FOR THESE RIDES. Then they list the rides THEY feel you are “wasting” a FastPass on. Wait what? Motherfucker first of all FastPasses are FREE. Second of all, during the vast majority of situations FastPasses are unlimited. Thirdly and most importantly it’s YOUR vacation not the blogger’s- so you do you. While I don’t recommend using one of your initial 3 FP selections on a ride not listed here(opens new window). Who the fuck am I to tell you what you like? I’m the guy who in Not Club 33’s ratings on the Magic Kingdom said I’d use a FastPass for The People Mover if it was available (it’s not on the FP+ system, but I would totally use one there – that’s not a lie). My thinking is if I can save 17 seconds then WHY NOT it costs me nothing. Now, as I alluded to, I wouldn’t put this ride in my initial 3 FastPasses, but after those just book whatever makes you happy. If you’re in Epcot near The Seas with Nemo and Friends (a decent ride but nothing most people are going out of their way for) and the Standby line is only 10 minutes, but you see a FastPass available – BOOK THAT SHIT. You’re not wasting a FastPass by using one here. You’ll save 9 minutes by doing so. Now is that a lot of time, HELL NO. However, 9 minutes is how long it takes me to drink a beer so that is precious fucking time. So when it comes to booking same day FP+ selections just roll with whatever is best at that moment. It could be best based on where you’re standing, or maybe a highly coveted ride surprisingly has availability or you could be walking towards a general area of the park and you see a FastPass available for a ride in that area – JUST BOOK IT you lose nothing by doing so.

Another thing to “never” do is assume a same day FastPass is/isn’t available.  It’s true that Disney initially allocates a finite number of dailyFastPasses for each based on forecasted park attendance vs ride capacity. However this allocation is fluid once things get rolling. For instance if you’re in Magic Kingdom and there’s an inordinate mass of people over in Frontierland don’t b surprised if a load of FP+ availability begins to show up in Tomorrowland, etc. Disney does this to more evenly disperse crowds to enhance guest experience. So to harken back to the previous section of this article, REFRESH OFTEN. The My Disney Experience app is your buddy. I refresh the shit outta that bad boy. I’ve scored FastPasses to legitimate E-tickets on the spot just buy staying vigilant. So for those of you who like to wing-it you still have a shot of FastPassing some headliners if you are willing to join team refresh. Conversely, I will caution that you should not assume a same day FastPass is going to be easy to attain. Think of them as a bonus, you really need to plan early in order to have your best chance of success in attaining the most popular attractions (see Page 1 of this article), but don’t fret if you book a last minute trip there are many things to see and do around Walt Disney World that you won’t need a FastPass for and unless the place is packed to the gills you should have no problem scoring some reasonably popular attractions via FastPasses like Jungle Cruise, etc.


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