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This One Gadget Saved the Day at Disney World (video)

We do a lot of planning advice here at Not Club 33 from day plans and how-to articles to fireworks viewing guides, but one thing we probably don’t stress enough is our packing list. It’s a curated selection of items to bring which are unique to a Disney trip, and one of those items in particular you really can’t live without in 2019.

If you’ve read my article on maximizing the FastPass+ system you know that refreshing the My Disney Experience app is a must-do to find new and/or better FP+ rides and times. Now, the thing about that is – this drains the hell out of your phone’s battery because it requires an internet connection. YES, there’s free WiFi at Disney and obviously you have a data plan with your wireless carrier but, SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. This not only slows down speeds since everyone is using up bandwidth, but at times you may be fighting to even get a connection. Couple this with the relentless Florida heat and humidity and your phone is at 35% before you know it. You’re gonna need a way to charge that shit and pronto.

Now, if you’re an idiot (which clearly are not as you’re reading this – look at the brains on you) you’d just pick up one of those FuelRods they have all over the Parks, you’ll pay $30 and use it to “charge” your device then drop it at the next kiosk and get a “fresh” one for three more dollars. But you’re not an idiot because you know those things aren’t capable of fully juicing a modern phone and have been used and recharged so many friggin times that they are pretty much worthless. So, instead you’re gonna spend $35 and get a 10,000 mAh battery pack that can juice up any flagship device from Android to iPhone more than 2 times from fully dead, and do that shit in a flash. This thing has 18 watts of power which was enough to easily charge my iPad. Plus, if you have an Android that’s compatible with QuickCharge it will do that too, giving you 4x the charging speed vs regular USB. I have no affiliation with Anker, but I do own many of their products and they work fantastically. I love this charger because of how slim it is and how many fast-ass charges I can get out of it.

Outside of my Disney trips I use this pretty regularly. If my family decides to head out the door for a meal or a trip to the zoo or whatever and one of our phones is dying I just grab this bad boy out of the drawer and our phone charges in rapid time. If my phone is half full it takes about 20 minutes to fully juice. Your mileage may vary, but it should be able to take any modern phone from 0 to 100 in under an hour easily. I don’t always remember to recharge the battery pack after use but it holds a lot of juice since it can fully charge a flagship device about 2.5 times, so charging from 50 or 60 percent a handful of times is no problem. I can’t recommend this thing enough. I have do have other battery packs, but since this one is so slim and pocketable next to the phone it’s a no brainer.

If you want to see what this thing looks like in real life check out our YouTube video below:

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