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Disney Villains After Hours

Updated 1-3-20

New specialty food items offered

Disney Villains After Hours is a hard ticketed event at Magic Kingdom, meaning you have to buy a separate ticket from your day pass. The event runs 3 hours from 10pm-1am. In addition to the 3 hours, Disney also allows guests to enter the park early, starting at 7pm. This gives you 6 total hours in the park. That being said, you can also book Fast Passes in the 7pm – 10pm window.

What the hell is offered?

As with all Disney After Hours events unlimited complimentary food and beverage is offered, such as bottled Coke products, bottled water, popcorn, and Mickey Bars. These can be found at multiple snack carts throughout the Park. Editors Note: Allergy info on some of these items

There are also specialty food and beverage offerings throughout the park. Don’t get excited, though because you have to pay for this shit. In addition to the food, you can also buy special Villain merchandise unique to the event. Lastly, they offer entertainment that includes ‘Villains Unite the Night’ and ‘Maleficent at Night.’ In short, ‘Unite the Night’ is a dance party in front of Cinderella’s Castle and ‘Maleficent at Night’ is the dragon slowly creeping around the Park, randomly breathing fire.

In addition to food and merchandise, Disney enhanced Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain. They essentially put live actors in Pirates and turned off all the lights in Space Mountain.

Villains After Hours

What makes Villains after Hours different from the other After Hours parties is all the extra shit surrounding the Villains. In other words, Disney adds more available tickets and charges more for this one. As was previously stated, this event technically lasts only 3 hours. Similar to the Halloween and Christmas parties, you have to make decisions on whether to watch shows or get on attractions. Granted, there is a way to do both. The dance has three show times: 11pm, 12am, and 1am. Likewise, the dragon roams around at 10:40pm, 11:45, and 1:20am.

The attractions close at 1am. Wait until the end of the night to watch the entertainment. During the event, get to those rides, bitches! Essentially, the wait times for most attractions are 10 minutes or less. As a result of a pitch black Space Mountain, that wait is more like 20-30 minutes. Subsequently, 7DMT has a long ass line for no reason other than everybody loves it. In all honesty, they should’ve had the Evil Queen greeting guests as they boarded the attraction. Folks would’ve eaten that shit up and maybe the wait would be justified.

In my opinion, if this ticket only got you three hours it wouldn’t be worth it versus a single day ticket, despite the other attraction wait times being low.

How the hell do you maximize your time and value at an After Hours Event?

Disney allows you to enter all of these After Hours Events at 7pm. That’s 3 hours before the event actually ‘starts.’ More importantly, that means you can book 3 Fastpasses 60 days in advance! We booked 7DMT, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Now, I can’t stress this first part enough. Book your first pass for around 6:10pm. In other words, just because you’re allowed in the park at 7pm that doesn’t mean your first pass needs to start at 7pm. In fact, take advantage of that shit and you could walk onto 2 attractions as soon as you walk into Magic Kingdom. With this in mind, obviously plan your second pass around 7:10. You can even grab a bite to eat in between Fastpasses, which bridges the gap between your 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd. Furthermore, after your 3rd pass, implement our Fastpass like a Pro strategy until they’re no longer available.

Also, if you want to take in Happily Ever After, get your ass to the hub around 9pm. Doing this, you’ll ride less rides. However, watching the fireworks from Dumbo was pretty badass.

As a result of this strategy, you’ll be able to ride 6-7 attractions and eat dinner in just the first 3 hours. BEFORE THE TICKETED EVENT EVEN STARTS.

Are After Hour Events Worth It?

First, let me start out by saying if you don’t utilize the extra three hours Disney allows to enter the park, then no way in hell is this worth it. Just buy a damn single day ticket. The extra 3 available hours and utilizing Fastpasses change the entire ball game. Another plus for this event is that it starts in the evening. That means your ass isn’t getting melted by the Florida sun. That is a big plus in my opinion.

On top of all of the unlimited Mickey Bars, popcorn, water, and soda, we rode a total of 15 attractions in 6 hours. Moreover, we could’ve ridden a couple more attractions if we weren’t strolling around. I wanted to hit up the Jungle Cruise but our kids were wiped the hell out. Here is the list of attractions!

  • 7DMT
  • Splash Mountain (2 times)
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (2 times)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Dumbo
  • Goofy’s Barnstormer
  • People Mover (2 times)
  • Space Mountain
  • Peter Pan
  • Haunted Mansion
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • It’s a Small World


In closing, if you only have a couple days to spend at Walt Disney World I would definitely recommend looking into any of the After Hours Events. If you’re looking to ride the attractions and don’t care about taking pictures with the characters than this is certainly better than both the Christmas and Halloween parties. On top of that, I think Villains After Hours is a superior alternative to the Halloween Party for adults and youths.

To summarize, 15 attractions, unlimited free snacks and drinks, no sun, and added entertainment in 6 hours. This is a great event. I think if this particular event wasn’t Villains themed, the event would have been less crowded and therefore an even better value! Either way it’s worth it if you only have a couple days to spend at Walt Disney World. However, if you’re there for a week I would consider skipping it.

One thought on “Disney Villains After Hours

  1. My thoughts:
    *Putting the Evil Queen anywhere near 7DMT makes it unrideable as morons will then wait just for that. She won’t pose for pictures or sign at a Villains AH event, according to the original setup for this event. Aforesaid morons will still try to selfie with her and in general be asses. Thus, long as hell wait. Same as usual. I’m trying to not be blinded by my annoyance at this attraction being short AF as it is, despite impeccable themeing and overall enjoyment.
    *Completely concur with the fireworks aboard Dumbo assessment, as this is what I did at
    my first MNSSHP and even with the ash falling on me, it was phenomenal.
    *There is ALWAYS time for Jungle Cruise, especially at night. Buck up, kids.
    *Lastly, I’m just jealous. Glad it was an awesome night overall

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