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Disney World 2020 – Worth It?

The one constant at Walt Disney World is that it’s always changing. The year 2020 will be no exception to this will many new things to try coming to the Parks and Resorts over the next 12 months. Our team is going to look at this year’s biggest additions and weigh-in on whether or not they’ll be worth the trip to Orlando.

To start out let’s wrap up a couple of new adds from 2019 (December) which most folks haven’t had the opportunity to see:

Late 2019 Additions

Disney’s Riviera Resort

“I get that this is themed as a Euro-elite resort, I am sad that it seems to lack much Disney theming. I’ll be happy to be wrong about that, but it seems more chic than comfortable. There is definitely a clientele for this, Disney is stretching to reach those childless millennials, right? But in seriousness, having some rooms that tout a 2 person max, this will make Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival all the more insane.
I doubt I’d ever even think to try and stay here with my family. Honestly, with the Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs, I can get my taste of overly fancy for a moderate price.”
Becky WellsNotClub33 Contributor

There are resorts that are game changers and there are ones that make you ask “why?”. Riviera seems to be the latter to me. Without having stayed there, I can’t say for sure, but everything I’ve read makes it seem like a cross between a Hilton and Bay Lake Tower. That’s a great place to stay in Charlotte or Dallas, but it’s not what I’m interested in for DVC and it’s not getting me to Orlando in 2020.Bobby Burchins – The Disney Cynic

“Skyliner! Skyliner! Skyliner! 15 minutes from Epcot to your Resort. Sign me up” Pat Neistat – NotClub33 Owner

The Resort Looks beautiful, it’s got it’s own skyliner station to Epcot and Hollywood Studios and since it’s DVC you can rent points to stay here which will save you plenty of money on your next trip. That’s said the resort itself isn’t very Disney (which is a trend WDW is leaning on across most of its new resorts and remodels). So , this won’t get me to Orlando but I would not mind staying here.” Steve Rhodes – NotClub33 Owner/Founder

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

“I finally rode Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run at Disneyland last month, and it was really cool overall. ROTR is the attraction that will be deciding factor for Disney on whether Batuu is going to raise a fist in victory or fall on their lightsaber in defeat. I will check this out in May on an adulting trip with my husband. Our kids will be jealous. The thing that I’m most excited for with this attraction is the immersive experience that is supposed to follow you throughout the land.” Becky Wells

“Part deux of Galaxy’s Edge is something that should be ridden. Even though I’ve famously predicted that the land would flop, I can’t deny the technology or investment in making this a grand effort. The next time I go to the parks, I actually look forward to seeing it. That said, it’s not drawing me there. There’s no difference between this and the Disneyland version, and with Disneyland having smaller overall crowds, it’s more likely that I’ll be checking the west coast version first. It’s drawing an interest, but not me to Orlando.”Bobby Burchins

As a lifetime Star Wars fan, I can’t wait to ride this bitch.”Pat Neistat

As someone who’s never seen and doesn’t give a shit about Star Wars, I can’t wait to ride this bitch”Steve Rhodes

Let’s see what’s coming in 2020 (all known opening dates are listed)


Space 220 Restaurant – February

“This sounds really pretty sweet. I also think that my counterparts at NC33 are going to geek out on it a little harder than I would…but I don’t do Table Service meals too often anyway. I’m not going to pay for 7 mouths to eat here, but that’s because I’m cheap not because I don’t think it would be cool. It looks impeccably themed, and that is always exciting. I will say that the food better be freaking amazing though, because if you have to take the space elevator back down after a giant heavy meal, you’d better hope to avoid little Timmy’s asteroid chunks. Maybe we can find a place for Gary Sinise to narrate the elevator ride or something.”Becky Wells

THIS (of all things) is what I’m looking forward to most from WDW in 2020. I’m a huge sci-fi fan, and the concept sounds like something from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s also a test bed for the technology behind the Star Wars hotel. So if you want to get a preview of it or want to dip your toe in the experience without spending $3,000 to dress up like a dork with a plastic fish bonker, this is your chance. Plus, there’s a thought in me that a space restaurant will not have to deal with the same health concerns as terrestrial counterparts, like Remy showing up. There’s something that’s oddly comforting about that even if it’s all an illusion.”Bobby Burchins

“Looks cool. Good luck getting a reservation.” Pat Neistat

“10/10 Highly Recommend (yes, I know it’s not open yet).”Steve Rhodes

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Listen, Toy Story Land needs some food that doesn’t make you want to hurl. I loved the adult lemonade at Woody’s Lunchbox, but I probably loved Trader Sam’s the night before my breakfast at Woody’s Lunchbox too much. Thus, the already subpar offerings were so much worse. I think the BBQ will be a welcome and logical addition to this area of the park. I’d check it out, but I would keep my standards high because BBQ is easy to make delicious, yet somehow even simpler to make generic.”Becky Wells

“BBQ is not universal, it’s regionally specific. Pat and Steve’s Missouri BBQ is far different than what I’d get down the street in Atlanta. It’s nice to have another dining option in Toy Story Land, but I’ll hold off on excitement until someone I know with a similar pallet signs off on it.” Bobby Burchins

A legit restaurant was desperately needed in TSL. Hopefully the menu doesn’t taste like shit.”Pat Neistat

“Holy shit a place to eat inside Toy Story Land that’s not in direct fucking sunlight! I’ll likely never eat here but at least they’re trying.”Steve Rhodes


Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway – March 4th

“This attraction itself is intriguing. I am praying there will be some diversity in the animation though, because I hate, hate hate the Ren and Stimpy-esque versions of the Fab 5. That literally could be enough for me to be turned off.” – Becky Wells

“This promises to be a 2.5-D attraction, basically 3-D without the need for glasses. It’s an intriguing concept that brings the first Mickey-centric attraction to a Disney park in a long, long time.”Bobby Burchins

“I’m actually excited about this attraction. It has lots of potential for a badass attraction.”Pat Neistat

“It took way to long for Disney’s marquee characters to get their own ride and I’m excited it’s going to be a first of its kind attraction. Definitely will be adding this to my list FastPasses”Steve Rhodes

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – Summer 2020

“My husband Josh has ridden the Disneyland Paris version of this. From what I understand, the Epcot version will be nearly identical (exactly the same?). He said this consistently had the longest lines. In his opinion it lived up to the hype. Remy has been the unofficial mascot (behind Figment) for Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival for years so I am glad he’ll have a place to shine all year round. I’m really quite excited for this attraction to be added in World Showcase, and not shutting down a Maelstrom to be built” *editor’s note – for shame Norway Pavilion*. – Becky Wells

“This is the second attraction to open in 2020 starring a common vermin, but unlike Mickey there’s no special place in my heart for Remy. Also, to be honest, I had to deal with the real life version of rats in a kitchen this year (thanks 1950’s crawlspace vents!). I can assure you that in real life they don’t cook, and that it does not end in a Disney-esque way. Sadly this isn’t one that that’s going to draw me to Orlando, but under the right circumstances I may check it out”Bobby Burchins

“I love Epcot so anything that lets my kids enjoy Epcot is fine with me.”Pat Neistat

“I’m not one for shoving Disney movie characters into World Showcase but this seems to fit without drawing away from the France pavilion itself. I’m in for a ride with Remy.” – Steve Rhodes

HarmoniUS (a.k.a the new Epcot fireworks) – Spring 2020

“This could literally be anything and it will probably be better than Epcot Forever – To be fair, that show was canceled multiple times in its first few weeks, and I’m bitter.” – Becky Wells

“After so many years of squinting to make out what’s on that damn globe in the middle of the lake, I actually am excited about a new night time show at Epcot. The name makes me want to vomit, but I would think that imagineers have taken into account that there are some blocked sight lines at Epcot, so my guess is that the bulk of the action will take place in the air so there’s no fighting over spots or ADRs at Rose & Crown. I’ll definitely be checking it out next trip.”Bobby Burchins

“Look, it’s replacing a classic. I have my fingers crossed on this one.”Pat Neistat

“Let’s start with the important stuff: who the fuck named this shit? Find that person and everyone who signed off on it – fire them. Secondly, I do think this is going to be pretty damn incredible and I certainly think it’s a reason to trek to Orlando.”Steve Rhodes

New Films: Canada, China and France Pavilions

“I’d check these out, because I like to travel and see other cultures. Even if it’s just via the World Showcase. Disney films capture so much and I am positive these will be immersive and fantastic. However, I have been to France enough times (would only go back to visit Disneyland Paris) also, Steve maintains I live in Canada.”Becky Wells *Editor’s note – North Dakanada amirite?*

“How the hell am I not supposed to be Cynical about this shit? I realize that these are productions in partnership with the hosting country, but why can’t they invest in anything substantive? No incarnation of these films has ever made me want to visit the host country, and frankly at Disney Park prices it’s a waste of time & money to see these. What disappoints me most is this signals to me that unless you’re something Disney can slap on a lunch box, you’re not getting a ride. You can have a 15 minute movie, but Iger forbids you get a moving vehicle”Bobby Burchins

“Don’t be fooled. You stand and watch a movie. I can do that from my damn couch. Let’s move along.”Pat Neistat

“Do you know how much a fucking park ticket costs? Bitch, I got YouTube!”Steve Rhodes

Drawn to Life (Cirque du Soleil) – April 17th

soft openings begin in late March (Disney Springs)

“Art is cool. I’m sure this will be visually stunning. I will read reviews and consider that to be enough.”Becky Wells

“There’s no chance in hell I waste time or money on this. If this was a show run by locals with little to no training and therefore a decent chance at an injury, that I might pay money for. As it stands, park goers get similar acrobatic spectacles at some of the stage shows (Festival of the Lion King for instance) and its included in your park ticket. If this wasn’t a separate admission, I might be more inclined. I can’t justify the opportunity cost for me to see this over something inside the parks.”Bobby Burchins

“Gotta be honest. I don’t give a damn.”Pat Neistat

“If you’re an Orlando local, this is a maybe. For the rest of us this is a massive FUCK NO. You’ve just traveled to WDW don’t spend your time and money on Cirque which is probably already in your town or passing thru in the next few months watch it then if you’re so inclined. Go to Disney for Disney” Steve Rhodes

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