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Walt Disney World Worsts | Epcot Attractions

If you’re reading this it’s because you probably love Walt Disney World, we do too. Our panel of experts consists of myself, Pat Neistat, Bobby Burchins and Becky Wells. While most things to do and eat on the Disney campus are good, great, or fantastic some things just suck. These are our least favorite attractions at Epcot.

*note selections are listed alphabetically*

American Adventure Pavilion

“Why do we need this? There’s a whole-ass America outside these walls ya know. Like, If I go to Brazil why the fuck would I pay for a theme park ticket to see an attraction about Brazil – I’M ALREADY IN BRAZIL (speaking of Brazil – replace this with that). Now, I live here so I really don’t need to bother with this pavilion, but for those from outside our borders who traveled all the way here do yourself a favor and go see the actual awesome America not the theme park version of it.” – Steve Rhodes

France Pavilion

“Just…I can’t with the French. There’s just so much more that France could do to make this pavilion more appealing, but we’re saddled with a shitty movie that puts you to sleep and the promise of a future attraction with the subject matter of a rat in the kitchen. Give me a well stocked wine bar and a riviera feel and I might think differently, but for now I’ll be the ugly American and dismiss those commies.” – Bobby Burchins

Mission: Space

“Now this will piss Bobby right off, and maybe that makes it more worth it to choose Mission Space. I used to love it. But damn it if we can’t have Gary Sinise, I’m out. Replacing Lieutenant Dan with the most annoying member of the cast of Suits (her delivery of every line made me cringe) was such a crap move. Plus it’s been tamed down so much on both sides, IMO.” – Becky Wells

“First let me say the concept of this attraction is awesome. Who doesn’t like space travel? They recently ‘updated’ this ride in 2017. But did they really? It still has a  standard definition screen and the damn buttons still don’t work. Hey, Disney? I know you guys know about 4K. What a wasted opportunity to improve the attraction. I’ll only ride it with an extra FastPass.” – Pat Neistat 

So what do you think? Did we miss something? Is one of your favorites on our worst list? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

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