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Finally! | Enter Disney’s Virtual Queue in Your Pajamas | VIDEO

The News

The Disney Parks Blog announced that beginning November 3rd, guest will be able to access the virtual queue from anywhere “nearby” starting at 7am. This is a departure from the 10am boarding call where you had to be physically present at Hollywood Studios. All I can say is, bout fucking time! Now this system is still going to be imperfect, especially since they aren’t changing the 2pm virtual queue (you’ll need to be present to enter). However, this is a massive step in the right direction, it’s a damn virtual queue that is only accessible via the internet (which isn’t just in one place ya know) and only accessible for those with park tickets and a Hollywood Studios reservation for that day. There’s simply no reason to have the “physically present” at Hollywood Studios restriction. Clearly if someone has paid for a park ticket, has a reservation for DHS and is in the vicinity they intend on riding the ride. Good job easing up the restriction even if it took nearly a year.

The Impact on Planning

I for one see this as a win for those of use who love to plan things meticulously Now, you can wake your ass up at 6:59am and try and get in the queue sleep crust still in your eyes. As popular as the ride is I still fully expect the virtual queuing system to fill up in the first 60 seconds for the morning boarding calls as it does now. If you cannot get in or are assigned a backup group you can take your happy ass back to sleep for an hour. Then mosey on over to the park shortly after opening and take advantage of what are hopefully shorter lines for other things. Slinky Dog, Toy Story Mania, Tower of Terror, Rock N Roller Coaster. This new system may be a hindrance for boarding the Millenium Falcon however as I imagine those with higher numbered boarding groups will head there right at park open. My overall theory here is people like new and shiny. So, if folks don’t get a morning boarding group they probably won’t bother getting to DHS super early since the next boarding call is at 2pm this leaves your slightly less lazy less needy for shiny things self in prime position to ride not-Galaxy’s Edge stuff.

Obviously things are yet to be seen, but what are your thoughts? Drop us a comment below or on the YouTube video above.

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