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MUST-DO 2022: Hollywood Studios

You’ve Gotta Do THESE FOUR THINGS at Hollywood Studios…

in alphabetical order…


While the quick service food offerings at Hollywood Studios are… well, shitty. This place stands out as a beacon of all things beer. There are some solid snack options to boot. Carb load on some pretzels, grab a charcuterie plate, and of course drink adult beverages at this much needed oasis.


Better known as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this planted on the outer rim of the galaxy (and Hollywood Studios for that matter) will transport you into Lucasfilm’s biggest creation. From dining options to two amazing rides in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and the best ride ever created, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This 14 acres of awesome is great for Star Wars fans and even for those who don’t know a damn thing about Star Wars, such as myself.


I mean where to begin. Like I’m not sure what to say besides you just have to ride this thing. YES, I know you’re gonna be dropped from the sky fast and in a hurry (multiple times). But, BUT, this attraction is so much more. The theming inside is just what you’d expect from the Twilight Zone, a once well meaning hotel that’s been made-over by all things creepy. It’s a damn masterpiece. If you really do have a fear of being dropped from the sky carelessly like shit from a vindictive goose, then maybe just enter the ride cue and chicken out before loading. It’s worth seeing.


How old does a ride need to be in order for it to be called a classic? For the purposes of this article I’m going with 14 years. Let’s again start with the queue…HOLY CRAP you’re for real in Andy’s room. From the tinker toys to the life size talking Mr. Potato Head, it’s just one of those things you have to appreciate. Then the ride itself, the 3D arcade style “shooter” game with 4D effect laced-in. The ride vehicle turns 360 degrees aiming you at new targets as you advance through the midway, it’s whimsical fun the whole family can enjoy and compete for high score. NOTE: If you experience this list in alphabetical order you may need to limit your time at Baseline Tap House as you’re experience on TSM will be greatly in jeopardy – you’ve been warned.

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