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CODP75 The Grand Flo, The Expo, The Tornado

Amanda and Bobby review their brunch at Grand Floridian Café. Plus, their thoughts on the announcements from the D23 Expo and the Epcot tornado.

CODP74 Bubble Waffles, Bubble Baths & the latest on Reedy Creek

Amanda & Bobby get a taste of Bubble Waffles at Disney Springs. Discuss the removal of H2O+ products from Disney Resorts and give us an update on the Reedy Creek situation.

CODP71 Reviewing Food & Wine 2022. Plus, Doing Disney World as a Local vs being a Vacationer.

Bobby welcomes Steve Rhodes back to the show for a review of some of their Food & Wine stops so far in 2022. Also, what’s the difference between visiting the parks as a local vs being on vacation.

CODP68 Really?

Amanda and Bobby discuss the newest iteration of the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. Plus, a discussion on Disney’s lack of maintenance nearing it’s breaking point.

CODP67 It's A Date

In anticipation of their 5th Wedding Anniversary, Bobby and Amanda attempt to one-up a viral video from the Disney Parks. Plus, a recap of their visit to Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom.

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