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CODP38 Life's A Beach....Club

Amanda and Bobby stay a night at favorite, Beach Club. From the pool at Stormalong Bay to the many restaurants, the Cynics give their unfiltered take on all things Beach Club.

CODP10 Boardwalk Villas | Review 2021

Steve Rhodes drops by to discuss his recent stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas with Bobby and Amanda. They discuss the cost of renting DVC points, the room, view and resort itself.

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DVC: Copper Creek vs Animal Kingdom Kidani | 2 Bedroom Villas Compared + PHOTO GALLERY

Who Ya Got in this 2-Bedroom Villa Battle: Animal Kingdom Kidani or Copper Creek?

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Disney Vacation Club | The Truth

Yep, We Own a Timeshare. Yep, it’s with Disney.My husband and I had a (rescheduled)