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CODP18 Mission: Space East? | Kennedy Space Center

Bobby and Amanda dropped by Kennedy Space Center to checkout the visitor center and it’s connection to Walt Disney Imagineering.

CODP15 Mission: Space

After nearly a two year hiatus, Bobby finally rides his beloved Mission: Space again. Does it still give him all the feels? He an Amanda talk about this Epcot staple in their first trip to the parks as a podcast.

Opinions and Commentary, Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World Worsts | Epcot Attractions

While most things to do at Epcot are good, great, or fantastic some things just suck. These are the latter.

A Spitting Match, Opinions and Commentary

What’s the Best Ride at Epcot | A Spitting Match

What’s the best ride at Epcot? | Our writers have some thoughts.

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