CODP25 Carousel of Regress?

Bobby and Amanda don’t necessarily agree on this original Walt Disney World Attraction. The Carousel of Progress was one of the last thing Walt himself had a hand in creating. Which member of the CODP team do you think enjoys the ride most?

CODP22 Skipper This Canteen

The Cynics do lunch at The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen. Amanda orders fish, Bobby orders chicken, things are said. Join them in Adventureland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom for unfiltered commentary on this table service restaurant.

CODP19 The UK a World Showcase Pavilion

Bobby and Amanda have vastly different viewpoints on this World Showcase original. Get a quick history lesson on it’s origins and the latest rumors and opinion on its future.

CODP17 The Seas with Breakdowns and No Friends

As a former cast member at Coral Reef in The Seas Pavilion this attraction has a soft spot in Amanda’s heart, how will she rate the overall pavilion after her most recent visit.

CODP16 The State of The EPCOT

It’s 2021 and Epcot construction is in full swing. Bobby and Amanda take a stroll around the second Disney World park and offer their thoughts on its current status and peak into its future.

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