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I Finally Rode Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney World | It Didn’t Go as Planned (VIDEO)


Quickly, I’ll catch you up to speed for those who don’t read the blog regularly, I’ve never seen a Star Wars film. I intend to keep it that way as I truly have no desire to delve into something that detailed which I have barely a mild interest in. I just don’t care enough to get into it. That being said, I’m a massive fan of the Disney Parks and I respect the magnitude of the Star Wars franchise. I was excited when Disney announced they’d be theming an entire land as a galaxy far far away. I even defended the project on this very website before it opened. So, while I don’t give two shits about Star Wars in general. I’m no dummy when it comes to Disney and I was absolutely sure they’d bring their A-game. Whether you’re a fan or not of Mr. Lucas’ crowning achievement – this would be a must for any fan of Disney Parks or theme parks in general.

Ride Experience

With that background out of the way, I was pumped to get a chance to finally see the newest flagship ride of Walt Disney World. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. The ride is in three segments with the first bit being you send going out for a space flight to rendezvous with General Leia but your ship gets intercepted then tractor-beamed in by the First Order. You’re then thrown in processing as you wait for interrogation as to the location of the secret Resistance base. This is where shit turned not-so-fun for me as the ride started experiencing difficulty. So while we were in “processing” we were actually in literally sitting there waiting to be moved along for 45-60 minutes because the ride was down so our “capture” actaully sucked. Anyway, part three of the ride starts with you getting thrown in a cell waiting for Kylo Ren to come to kick your ass and learn your secrets when suddenly the Resistance arrives to bust you out and you go on a crazy chase trying to escape.


The experience as a whole is quite bad-ass. Despite the long delay of technical difficulties I’d certainly do it again. And No I’m still not fucking watching Star Wars, don’t ask. As far as this ride is concerned though, I’m game anytime. Luckily for you I filmed the whole damn thing and generously edited it down into two easily digestible parts. Enjoy below

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