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2023 Disney World Park Reservations | What’s Actually Happening?

The lack of Disney Parks news has gotten the Disney Fan community chomping at the bit for new information. So when Disney showed it’s cards that reserving a park for each day was actually going to be a thing for the foreseeable future it caused many Disney-loving folks to gasp in shock. This caused the typical DisTwitter shitstorm of reactions us Disney Geeks love to drench ourselves in.

Wasn’t this whole reservation system just a side-effect of the pandemic, giving Disney a way to keep capacity under control for social distancing etc etc etc? Well, yes it was/is that. But now that the system is in place it’s even more than that to Disney. It’s the most valuable tool in the business world and that’s data.

This new data Disney has gives it a hard number to look at for forecasting. It can schedule cast-members based on this. It can influence hiring decisions and so on. This is all about control and Disney loves control.

Should We Be Reading More Into This?

So for you dear reader, what does this mean for your Disney World vacation down the road? Well to be honest we really don’t know. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fucking liar. But we’re a blog about Disney so we might as well speculate cause why the hell else are you here.

This will likely have ripple effect into how Park-Hopper is implemented. Park Hours themselves will most certainly be impacted. And lastly, FastPass+ is it still going to be a thing…..probably? But, I doubt it will be free (see Anaheim). All that said, there are so many variables that we just don’t know yet and as with anything Disney Parks things can change at a moments notice so don’t get too upset/happy or whatever until Mr. Chapek drops some more official details on what’s going to happen.

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