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What’s the Best Ride at Magic Kingdom? | A Spitting Match

I tasked myself and three of my fellow writers to pick a top choice for attractions at Magic Kingdom Park and then defend the pick to the interwebs with a few sentences. And thus, we have ourselves A Spitting Match. Let’s Begin!

The Haunted Mansion

Chosen by Steve Rhodes : This is not even my favorite ride in the park, I don’t necessarily even go out of my way to ride it. But let’s be clear, it’s damn sure THE BEST ride in Magic Kingdom. From the graveyard scene outside, to the stretching room, and the old parlor tricks on the ride itself. This is the most Walt Disney ride you can make, it has to top the list.

The Jungle Cruise

Yes that’s Becky. No she’s not a cast member.

Chosen by Becky Wells: My favorite MK attraction is the Jungle Cruise, because it is truly different and hilarious every “bote” trip.  More importantly, in my opinion, it’s the embodiment of Walt’s dreams for his parks in that it’s true entertainment for the family. It is one of very few attractions that relies upon the Cast Member interacting constantly to provide a magical experience. I’ve read books on this topic and just really get into it. Two years in a row I’ve attended Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and dressed as a Jungle Cruise Skipper to pay homage to my favorite attraction. 

Space Mountain

Chosen by Bobby Burchins and Pat Neistat

Space Mountain is by far my favorite attraction at the Magic Kingdom. It’s a classic, it has no intellectual property attached to it, it’s indoors and air conditioned, it’s themed after space, and there’s an element of danger to it. Nowhere else on property am I forced to duck from the track above or almost fly out of the ride vehicle because I didn’t put the leg restraints all the way down. It’s just awesome.

Space Mountain- even though it’s the slowest roller coaster at Magic Kingdom, this attraction kicks ass. This son of a bitch doesn’t feel slow. There is nothing like riding through space in the pitch black with stars zooming by your head. It’s a rite of passage. 


Well, if our writer’s have any say-so it’s Space Mountain but let us know in the comments below or join us on Facebook to vote in the poll.

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