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Disney World 2020 – Worth It?

The one constant at Walt Disney World is that it’s always changing. The year 2020 will be no exception to this will many new things to try coming to the Parks and Resorts over the next 12 months. Our team is going to look at this year’s biggest additions and weigh-in on whether or not …

Disney Villains After Hours

Updated 1-3-20 New specialty food items offered Disney Villains After Hours is a hard ticketed event at Magic Kingdom, meaning you have to buy a separate ticket from your day pass. The event runs 3 hours from 10pm-1am. In addition to the 3 hours, Disney also allows guests to enter the park early, starting at …

Shades of Green – Military Benefits at WDW

My 2 most recent visit to Walt Disney World Resort were planned solely around the fact that I could stay at Shades of Green Resort. This is a military resort owned by the US Army and classified as an AFRC (Armed Forces Recreation Center). The only time in my life that I’ve used even close …

Childless Millennials at Walt Disney World | A Rant

The Disney Cynic gives his two cents on childless millennials at Walt Disney World.

What’s the Best Resort at Walt Disney World? | A Spitting Match

What’s the best resort and Walt Disney World? Our writers weigh-in

How We Save THOUSANDS on Trips to Walt Disney World!

by Steve Rhodes and Pat Neistat So you want to save a shit load of cash on you trip to Walt Disney World? Well, get in line asshole. Okay, we know you clicked on this article for a lot more information than that. And while even using the tips we’re about to so generously spill …

Dining Review: Sebastian’s Bistro

Menu (Allergy Menu) Sebastian’s Bistro is located at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This restaurant is pretty damn sharp. Sebastian’s decor is nautical, but clean and streamlined. They even feature Sebastian in a kickass photo on the back wall. It has big ass windows that line the exterior of the restaurant to allow for expanding views …

Armchair Imagineering: Disney’s Amazon Resort

The Disney Cynic Imagines a Walt Disney World Resort based on the Amazon Rainforest.

The Best Attraction from a Bygone Era: The Ok Radio Ride

What’s the best Walt Disney World ride of the past? The Disney Cynic has some thoughts.

A Cynical Trip: I promise I’m done talking about myself for a while…

The Disney Cynic has words for the line jumpers at Rock n Roller Coaster.