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You Ain’t Never Heard a Rumor Like Me (2019 May)

Walt Disney had a vision that theme parks would be ever evolving.  Walt understood that advances in technology and the power of imagination would enable his Imagineers to keep pushing forward to create newer and better things. This vision of an always changing theme park sparks the excitement of the rumor mill. Notclub33 has the …

Candlelight Processional Review

The Candlelight Processional provides an opportunity to enjoy the inspirational story of the birth of Jesus. The story is narrated by a guest celebrity reading lines of scripture alongside a 50-piece orchestra, the Walt Disney World Cast choir, and the Voices of Liberty. Walt Disney World runs 3 performances daily during the Festival of Holidays …

Walt Disney World Construction Photos (May 2019)

All photos from Walt Disney World are from @bioreconstruct on Twitter. Specifically, he takes kickass aerial photos from around Disney property. Furthermore, Bioreconstruct was gracious enough to allow us to share his photos with our viewers. Check him out on Twitter.