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The Internet DIDN’T HOLD BACK after the BOB CHAPEK Firing at DISNEY.

There aren’t very many folks in the CEO role who are recognizable to the average person. Besides a select few, your average consumer probably doesn’t even know the name of the CEO at any given Fortune 100 company at any given time. Well, Disney fans aren’t your average consumer especially those of us who frequent the Disney Theme Parks. We all know who the CEO is and many even can give you a deeper dive into the list of brass behind the Chief Executive. The CEO of the Walt Disney Company shapes our feeling about the brand, probably way more than we should allow it to.

To Keep Things Short: The overwhelming majority of Disney fans came to really Really REALLY not like Bob Chapek. You can read about those reasons basically anywhere on the web these days so I won’t go into details, like price hikes, etc. So, let’s look instead at the immediate aftermath of Bob Chapek’s removal on social media. It was a glorious celebration for many, including myself and Becky Wells who helped me source these posts.

The “Breaking News”

For the initiated, Scott Gustin just don’t miss when it comes to breaking news on #DisTwitter. This was no exception.

The Snark

Celebrity Siting

Yep, even Olaf was done with Chapek

The Comedy

This is beautiful.

The Comments

This post itself is one fantastic gem, then you get the comments…it’s always the comments

The Memes

for credit or removal email info@notclub33.com

The Inside Jokes

Where all my Disney Adults at?

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