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Make-A-Wish: Send Henry to Walt Disney World!

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Henry was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease known as Tetralogy of Fallot before birth. Born three months early, Henry weighed only 3lbs, 8oz at birth. Since his diagnosis he has undergone multiple open-heart surgeries. He also faces developmental obstacles due to his prematurity and frequent surgeries during the first year of his life. Henry will continue to be closely monitored by his cardiologist throughout his life.

Henry is highly energetic and full of life! He loves coloring, playing with trains, watching Disney movies, and building anything he can find. “He is very inquisitive and loves to figure out how things work, building and taking things apart with his tools,” his mom said. Henry is described as a go-getter and is always up for an adventure. During the summer he can’t get enough of riding his bike, being outside, and swimming. 

When asked to comment on her son’s wish experience, his mom said:

“Henry has battled adversity his whole life, however, all his hardships resulted in a sweet, loving, happy little boy who cannot get enough of the world around him. Henry’s wish will give him the chance to live his best life, take everything in, and experience all his favorite characters and movies.” 

Thank you for partnering with Make-A-Wish to help support Henry’s wish and kids like him by granting them their one true wish.

Henry is from our hometown. Thanks for taking the time to read his story.

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