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Walt Disney World: Worst Restaurants in Animal Kingdom

If you’re reading this it’s because you probably love Walt Disney World, we do too. Our panel of experts consists of myself, Pat Neistat, Bobby Burchins and Becky Wells. While most things to do and eat on the Disney campus are good, great, or fantastic some things just suck. These are our least favorite places to eat at Animal Kingdom. Bon-appe-don’t!!

Fair Warning: If you’re a fan of Landry’s Group Restaurants you won’t be a fan of this article.

Rainforest Cafe

“GTFO. Seriously. Why? Zero chain restaurants belong on WDW property. (I’ll give a pass to Disney Springs because I don’t bother going there in general. McDonalds you suck all around so I’m not throwing you a bone.) Yes this applies to Starbucks as well, but to be fair, the locations are simply serving Starbucks “coffee”. I abhor Joffrey’s so much, and I’ve been known to snag a Starbucks hot brown water sometimes to break up the monotony of shitty coffee choices.” – Becky Wells

“Although I haven’t eaten at this specific location I have eaten at the Disney Springs location. Doesn’t matter where you eat the food because it can’t make it taste better. Besides the menu is overpriced, big, and confusing.”  – Pat Neistat

“Listen, I know you think you’re doing this for your kids, but you could book even the shittiest character meal and get more value and actual Disney characters there. This place is shitty, overpriced and no Disney characters. Why did you come all the way to Orlando to eat at a place you can find in Gurnee, IL” – Steve Rhodes

Yak & Yeti Restaurant

“This place has so much potential, but it just makes me want to Yak . The decor is haphazard (by design I suppose), the food isn’t consistently a single type of cuisine, and though I’ve given it a couple of tries, I end up feeling queasy every time. That’s without Expedition Everest on the docket too. If they could expand the drink menu and at least make it feel clean, I might try it again. Until then, I’ll go elsewhere.” – Bobby Burchins 

So, where would you definitely not eat on your next trip to Animal Kingdom? Do you disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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