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Walt Disney World Worsts | Hollywood Studios Attractions

If you’re reading this it’s because you probably love Walt Disney World, we do too. Our panel of experts consists of myself, Pat Neistat, Bobby Burchins and Becky Wells. While most things to do and eat on the Disney campus are good, great, or fantastic some things just suck. These are our least favorite attractions at Hollywood Studios.

*note selections listed alphabetically*

Alien Swirling Saucers

“I’ll go based on what’s currently open and available here…Alien Swirling Saucers is the lamest attraction here. It’s technically a whip ride, sure, but it’s so slow and unfun. And you have to constantly hear people enjoying Slinky Dog Dash right over your head as though taunting you whilst you get the sense of being at a crappy carnival.” – Becky Wells

Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage

“Pound for pound, MGM might be the best park on property. It’s not the best overall, but aside from a handful of stage shows, it’s got the best set of rides on property. Choosing from a list of these shows, I decided Beauty & The Beast was my least favorite. Plus, it’s already better represented at Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Time for something else. Quasimodo perhaps…” – Bobby Burchins

Disney Junior Dance Party!

“Hollywood studios doesn’t really have bad attractions (food on the other hand is another story). So this isn’t something that’s terrible per say BUT, they make your grown ass sit on the floor. Thinly carpeted floor that you know some toddler has puked or pissed on recently – not cool. Your kids will love the show though so there’s that.” – Steve Rhodes

Voyage of The Little Mermaid

“This was actually a tough task. Hollywood Studios has some of the best attractions available. So this show loses by default since I haven’t seen the Lighting McQueen show.” – Pat Neistat

So, what do you hate at Hollywood Studios? Are any of your favorites on our shit list? Let us know on social media or in the comment section below.

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