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You Only Have Time For Two WDW Parks? |Which Do You Choose in 2020?

YIKES!! You’ve only got so much time to spend on the Walt Disney World campus and you can only visit two of the parks. Obviously you’ve done some poor planning and gotten yourself into this mess, but we forgive you for not reading this blog sooner – you beautiful idiot. UPDATE: Or maybe Disney shuts the parks down on your arrival day due to COVID-19 (full disclosure this article was written prior to the coronavirus shutdown). So, which two parks do you choose? Our panel weighs-in below.

Becky Wells: Epcot + Magic Kingdom

“I’ve literally done this before, and it’s hard to choose! 100% depends on who is in your party. When I am not with another adult (no small kids), I will get a Park-Hopper pass and then 2 days can mean all 4 parks. When I go with, say, my mother and a child, I have to just let them pick. We did MK and EP. Most varied experiences that they want for the time and cost.” 

Bobby Burchins: Epcot + Hollywood Studios

I’m skipping both Kingdoms that Disney has to offer if I’m only going on a two day ticket. I’m not yet a family man, I’m technically part of a childless millennial couple. To me I’m getting more bang for my buck at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. There’s a solid 8 rides at DHS. At Epcot, you not only get a couple more great rides, you’re also getting the best food and drink variety in-park. On average lower overall crowds at these two parks, and with only two days to work with, you have to go where the people aren’t. 
Animal Kingdom gets preachy after a while. If I wanted to be told how bad of a person I am for liking steak and the option of plastic straws, I’d just be on Twitter more. For all of the nostalgia offered by Magic Kingdom, EVERYONE else is going to want to go there. I’m not looking to get anywhere near the Johnson family reunion and their Nazi of a group leader, Karen. *Editor’s Note: Fuck Karen!* Side note, please don’t do that thing where everyone wears matching custom tee shirts. No one likes you and no one gives a shit if it’s Albert’s 78th birthday. We just want to ride Space Mountain, and your 28 person group is doing me no favors. 

Pat Neistat: Hollywood Studios + Magic Kingdom

“This is a tough one since Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios have stepped up their game. I’m speaking from a family of four with kids ages 11 and 9. First, I would skip Epcot in 2020. Damnit, too much construction and not enough attractions.  Walls, walls, and more walls. Second, I would skip Animal Kingdom. Although it’s my favorite park, DHS has the most kickass attractions for my kids. Price per attraction, Magic Kingdom and DHS are the way to go.” 

Steve Rhodes: Animal Kingdom + Magic Kingdom

“First of all, I’m not dumb enough to put myself in this predicament – plan better assholes. However, if someone else had set me up on a free trip for my family with my 6 year old in tow (feel free to do so), then I’m hitting the Kingdoms. I can Fast Pass the fuck outta those two parks and my whole family will be happy. I have to go the Magic Kingdom because if I don’t ride the People Mover it’s like I didn’t go to Disney World. My wife and daughter love Animal Kingdom and I’m not gonna say no to a ride on Flight of Passage.”

Hopefully our cast of characters has helped you make a tough decision for your short Walt Disney World trip. So what’s it gonna be for you? Let us know on social media or in the comment section below.

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