Disney Springs, The Disney Cynic

PANDEMIC! at the Dis-Co: A trip to Central Florida out of the Disney Bubble

Inside the Disney Bubble

We did venture into the Disney bubble for a couple of hours during our trip. This represented the creepiest portion of the trip to me. Everything we did this week seemed out of the ordinary, don’t get me wrong, but Disney Springs was the strangest. First of all, when was the last time you could cut over four lanes of traffic on Buena Vista Drive without causing 17 accidents outside of the Lime Lot at Disney Springs? The answer is never, but the reason I could was because there were no cars impeding this act. None. No traffic. At Disney World, specifically Disney Springs, which is the free part to visit.

Mask up or GTFO….

First things first, if you don’t have a mask, you’re not getting in. You’re 100% getting your temperature taken, but thankfully not in the most accurate fashion. They use the laser thermometer, which is honestly off by a solid 2 degrees unless it’s calibrated properly. I’m hoping Disney knows this and doesn’t think we’re all running around with temperatures of 96.5˚.

We didn’t stay for too long. We had a plan of attack as to what stores we wanted to hit, and boy did we. First, we continued our tradition of obtaining new shoes at the Sperry store on our first trip to Orlando of the year, because we’re those people. We also made a stop at the Under Armour store for some lightweight athleisure wear, and finally, we wanted to see what was what at the World of Disney store.

The most crowded we saw it.

The World of Disney store was the most jarring experience while I was at Disney Springs. This shop, noted as the single largest store which sells Disney items, has always been a claustrophobic nightmare for me. There are no unimpeded paths, it’s full of mom’s with strollers who don’t mind taking a fat guy out at the ankles if it get her and the kids to the plush dolls faster.

This experience was actually…casual. like I could browse and peruse at my own pace. Ultimately, this store doesn’t carry the types of souvenirs I am interested in (it’s a gigantic toy store, let’s be real), so I relaxed for a moment on the bench before grabbing a drink that I enjoyed through a paper straw.

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