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Grauman’s Chinese Theatre: Now Starring Mickey Mouse

Hollywood Studios becomes the House of Mouse

Written by Pat Neistat

The contract between Walt Disney Company and Turner Classic (owned by Time Warner) is ending this year, which fueled speculation that the Great Movie Ride would be replaced at Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios by a Mickey Mouse ride. Once the contract has termed, Disney will no longer be able to use the movies that are featured on the ride. The Great Movie Ride is an original attraction from 1989 when the Studios opened. It is certainly a fan favorite and naturally people were upset the ride might be going away. Honestly, the ride needed a damn facelift or some kind of update. Most of the movies are unrecognizable for anyone under 30. With advancements in technology this ride has been gravely neglected and left behind like an old janky VHS.  At D23 this year, it was announced that this ride will officially be replaced by Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The Great Movie Ride will be closing August 13th. The new ride will be called Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, reopening sometime in 2018. This is the first themed Mickey ride ever at a Disney park. No bullshit. This company, who has built their image on a damn mouse, has never even used him in a ride. Truly unbelievable. Hollywood Studios is transforming in front of our damn eyes and Mickey is certainly deserving of his new role.

A reproduction of Hollywood's historic Grauman's Chinese Theatre, home to The Great Movie Ride
This new attraction has classic Disney storytelling written all over it and will be accompanied by an original score . On this ride you are  included in the crazy, unforeseeable world of a Mickey Mouse short. Disney is describing it as a ‘zany, out-of-control adventure that features surprising twists and turns, dazzling visual effects, and mind-boggling transformations that happen before your very eyes.’ Kevin Rafferty, the Lead Imagineer on the ride, said  “This is one of the boldest…most impossible things I’ve ever worked on in almost 40 years of being an Imagineer. And you know what? That’s what I love about it. Well, that, and Mickey.” You’re probably wondering what the hell this bastard is so excited about. This ride will feature cutting edge, brand new technology that makes a 2D world appear 3D, without glasses *Editior’s Note: Disney is referring to this a 2-and-half-D check out a preview clip from the latest D23Expo here. In other words, it’s going to make the flat world of animation become interactive. The fact that you won’t have to use those stupid ass  glasses, and are still able to see 3D, sounds like the kind of shit Mickey deserves. Kevin calls it a “dimensional display of amazingness.” Even though Mickey’s door should have been opened a long time ago, Imagineers are continuing their rich tradition of opening new doors to guests with this new adventure.

As any Disney fan will tell you “It was all started by a Mouse.” Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will put another notch in the belt of the international star.
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