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Walt Disney World Favorite Quick Service Restaurants

Walt Disney World has a shit ton of food options to offer Guests. We’ve collected diverse opinions from experienced parkgoers to help us. We’ve enlisted a kickass group that includes DVC Members, AP holders, and lifetime Disney fans to give their opinions on their favorite quick service meals at all the four parks at Walt Disney World.

Disney recently added mobile ordering to some of their quick service restaurants. However, if you have allergies you cannot use this service yet. We marked the restaurants that accept mobile ordering through the My Disney Experience app with the Mobile Order icon seen here  

Magic Kingdom     

Pecos Bill: Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (menu)(allergy menu)

Pecos Bill’s is the best CS, hands down. The “toppings bar” AKA “make your own whole second meal out of toppings” is awesome, I can actually eat what I like on my Mexicanish food. The ability to preorder is absolutely clutch. – Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder

The fajita platter here can easily feed two adults, and while there’s no longer free guacamole on the fixins bar it’s still quite substantial. Great value! – Steve Rhodes, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Columbia Harbor House (menu)(allergy menu)

Be our Guest is thematically the best restaurant experience at Walt Disney World. But if you want something quiet and fast, check out Columbia Harbour House. Fried fish, fried chicken, and their gluten free chicken fingers are dope!  Pat Neistat, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Sleepy Hollow  (menu)


 In Liberty Square is where you go for a good hand-dipped corn dog. They also have a variety of sweet treats and snacks served throughout the day with seating outdoors that overlooks Cinderella’s castle. – Tom Alagna, DVC Member and AP Holder

Casey’s Corner (menu)

Make no mistake, the Corn Dog Nuggets are what puts this over the top of the Pecos Bill’s, the only other contender as far as I’m concerned. Nothing more American than Hot Dogs and Baseball.- Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

Comic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (menu)(allergy menu)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe’ has an out-of-this-world topping bar to accompany their burgers and sandwiches. The area has plenty of seating in an air conditioned space. – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and parkgoers 


La Cantina de San Angel (menu)(allergy Menu)

La Cantina de San Angel has delicious nachos, tacos, and burritos. We love to go there when IllumiNations is ready to start and enjoy the show with a margarita and taco in hand. – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and parkgoers

La Cantina is actually better than the full service Mexican restaurant, it’s in World Showcase and has a variety of Mexican dishes like tacos, guacamole, empanadas and draft beers and wonderful margaritas. It’s usually very busy but it’s pretty easy to find seating. – Laura Alagna, DVC Member and AP Holder

La Cantina is high quality Mexican food with a kickass view of the lake. It’s also a good place to chill and sip on a margarita.  Pat Neistat, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Sunshine Seasons (menu)


A good variety for all palettes and I have never had a bad meal here. I also love that after the meal you can hop on the Living With the Land ride housed in the same pavilion. You can sit and enjoy the relaxing boat ride and see where much of the food you just ate was cultivated.– Steve Rhodes, Notclub33 Co-Owner

It’s not that I like everything this area has to offer, it’s that there are hundreds of choices available all in one spot. If you go to WS you’re stuck with one cuisine, here you can mix and match and likely find something for everyone in your travel party. Plus it’s air conditioned and watch the sad Living with The Land ride operator dispatch yet another boat with only 3 people on it. – Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

Sommerfest (menu)


Sommerfest (Germany Pavilion) Most authentic-tasting warm vanilla sauce on an apple strudel that I’ve had outside of living in Germany. (Becky’s Food and Wine  Review) This might be the hardest choice in all the parks, it’s a CS in Epcot. It’s all about the snack goals in this park. Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder

Animal Kingdom

Harambe Market (menu)(allergy menu)

It’s like the McDonald’s of African/Mediterranean food. It’s cheap and lets you dip your toe in the water of African cuisine before dropping $200 at Jiko. Plus, it’s out of the way a little and people seem to pass by it without realizing it’s a QS area, so bonus points for not having to deal with all the crowds. – Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

Satu’li Canteen (menu)(allergy menu)

This is hard because SO MANY CS restaurants are really just well-themed bars…but we really enjoyed the Satu’li Canteen in Pandora. All 5 of our kids loved their food from here, even though it looks freaking insane. The portions were gigantic, and different from the apples, carrots, and damn chicken strips. Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder

Satu’li Canteen is by far the best quick service food on property in my opinion. A great value by Disney standards and the theming is cool. It has a badass gluten free menu too. – Pat Neistat, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe (menu)

Yak and Yeti Local Foods Cafe. Teriyaki Beef Bowl bitches! DO NOT confuse this with the table service meal offered indoors, which serves dumpster juice. This is the outdoor quick service- my only drawback is that it’s outdoors in Florida with little shade.– Steve Rhodes, Notclub33 Co-Owner

Flame Tree Barbecue (menu)(allergy menu)

Our favorite is definitely Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant- always a good barbecue meal assortment of smokehouse meats, baked beans, and wonderful jalapeño cornbread. We love the seating area outside- just don’t feed the ducks that walk around your table because you’ll have a friend that won’t leave. – Tom and Laura Alagna, DVC Members and AP Holders

No wonder the birds flock to this quick service! Whatever you do, don’t let them eat your portion from Flame Tree Barbecue. This restaurant offers great meat options and sides. The portions are perfect! – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and park goers

Hollywood Studios

Epcot is within walking distance from here. Run! – Steve Rhodes, Notclub33 Co-Owner

FairFax Fare

Fairfax Fare wins for me, again large portions and not exactly the same choices as everywhere else. You can get a rice bowl if you want but if there’s a choice of fajitas, ever, that’s my choice. Bring me more jalapenos, please. Side note, good cupcakes if you’re in need of a diabetic coma. – Becky Wells, Notclub33 contributor and AP Holder

ABC Commissary (menu) (allergy menu)

ABC commissary is where we go for a quick good lunch it has your basic hamburgers, chicken strips but you can also get something healthy like a salad.– Laura Alagna, DVC Member and AP Holder

Look, I had to put something down. It’s theme park food at best. At worst, it’s a shit sandwich. – Pat Neistat, Notclub33 Co-Owner

PizzeRizzo (Menu)(allergy menu)

Sometimes you just want pizza…At PizzeRizzo, there is pizza and a pretty darn good meatball sub. Maybe if there’s room, try the tiramisu. – Mark and Laura Schmitz, Lifetime Disney fans and park goers

Rosie’s All American Cafe (menu)(allergy menu)

I arbitrarily selected this one because it’s next to Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster. Let’s be real, all the QS pavilions at Hollywood Studios are the same except for Pizza Rizzo, which isn’t that good. At least with Rosie’s there’s a shaded area and you get to be near the two best attractions of the park. –  Bobby Burchins, Cynical Disney Owner

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