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Reviewing the World Showcase at Epcot

A collaboration by Pat Neistat and Steve Rhodes

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The pavilions were rated based on theming, enjoyment, and intangibles. Intangibles could be anything from simple wow-factor, nostalgia, the existence of a ride, or whatever else gives it that extra little bit of proverbial pixie dust.  Note: unlike in our review of the Magic Kingdom none of these places suck so don’t worry if your favorite didn’t top our list they all have their merits

For the TL/DR crowd: Attractions are listed from worst to first and we’ve color coded this shit so you can lazily scroll thru. You’re welcome.
RED (under 3 pts) = Brutal. ORANGE (3-6 pts) = meh. 
BLUE (6.01 to 8.00 pts) = Good. GREEN (8.01+ pts) = Hell Yes!

Canada on Google Android 8.0

5.92 Canada

Steve says: I stop in about as many times as I’ve stopped in actual Canada, which is onceImage result for epcot canada

United Kingdom on Google Android 8.0
6.67 United Kingdom

Pat says: If you’re lucky you might see Mary Poppins Image result for epcot uk

Morocco on Google Android 8.0

7.25 Morocco
Steve says: easily the most underrated pavilion in Epcot. The mosaic tile work is done by hand and it’s pretty damn cool. If you’re into Mediterranean cuisine, I suggest eating here.Image result for epcot morocco

China on Google Android 8.0

7.50 China
Pat says: “Reflections of China” is a 360º Circle-Vision film and it will soon be getting a much-needed update

Steve says: It’s pretty damn incredible to look the scenery here, but don’t bother to eat here. your corner Chinese food joint has it beat, I guaranteed that shit.Image result for epcot china

United States on Google Android 8.0
7.67 American Adventure
Pat says: “Voices of Liberty” is a fantastic show. Don’t miss it.
Steve says: If they didn’t sell craft beer here I wouldn’t go. It’s not like it’s bad, It’s actually quite nice, but I feel no need to visit “America” while in actual America, besides Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom is better.
Image result for epcot usa

Germany on Google Android 8.0

7.75 Germany

Steve says: I’ve enjoyed trips here as part of the Epcot Wine Walk, you should too. Inquire within Weinkeller as it’s not advertised by the folks at Disney.Image result for epcot germany

Italy on Google Android 8.0

7.92 Italy
Pat says: Good place to start the ‘Wine Walk.’ Besides that, only restaurants and ‘fine’ shopping here. 

Steve says: If I ever make it here during the winter, I’ll be ready to down some pasta but hot pasta & three tons of Floridian humidity doesn’t vibe with me so I’ve yet to eat a meal here. However, I’m always in for gelato and taking in the ambiance.Image result for epcot italy

France on Google Android 8.0

8.33 France
Pat says: Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie is one of the best quick services in the park. Also, a Ratatouille attraction is coming soon!

Image result for epcot france

Mexico on Google Android 8.0

8.50 Mexico
Pat says: La Cava del Tequila serves an Avocado Margarita.Treat yourself! If you’re drinking around the world, you should start here!

Steve says: The Mexico pavilion is still #1 in my heart from childhood. The architecture is awesome and it has a cool water ride featuring Los tres Caballeros. However, that damn San Angel Inn needs some damn recipes. How you gonna fuck up tacos man? Eat at La Hacienda or drink at La Cava del Tequila but avoid the signature restaurant despite that awesome view you see in the photo below.Tables near trees and Mayan pyramid with volcano in background

Norway on Google Android 8.0

8.75 Norway
Pat says: “Frozen Ever After” puts this pavilion over the top
Steve says: This pavilion deserves the middle of the list, but Frozen Ever After is that good.A Viking statue stands in front of a replica of Gol Stave Church

Japan on Google Android 8.0
8.92 Japan
Pat says: Check out  the Mikimoto “Pick-A-Pearl” at  Mitsukoshi Department Store 
Steve says: Japan is over the top. The Mitsukoshi store sells actual Japanese shit not a bunch of Disney stuff disguised as authentic merchandise (sorry Olaf, but you ain’t Norwegian). The quick service, Katsura Grill, is a great place to grab a bite. I’m telling you folks, Don’t skip Japan when you’re in World Showcase. Unforgettable Shopping at Epcot – Japan Pavilion

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What’s your favorite pavillion? Do you agree with our rankings? 
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