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What’s the Best Ride at Epcot | A Spitting Match

I tasked myself and three of my fellow writers to pick a top choice for attractions at Epcot and then defend the pick to the interwebs with a few sentences. And thus, we have ourselves A Spitting Match. Let’s Begin!

Test Track

Chosen by Becky Wells:
Test Track is my favorite attraction here, I love that it fits many Epcotty themes by letting the rider be in on the design process. You can be a hippy, a drag racer, or something in between. The competition in the vehicle adds to the fun, and since I’m a ride/coaster junkie this is the best choice at Epcot. The only better car ride is Radiator Springs Racers in DCA, because it’s flipping gorgeous. 

Mission: Space

Chosen by Bobby Burchins:
My favorite attraction at Epcot by far. Though there are other simulator attractions at Disney World, none offer an experience like this. Space flight is a passion and personal dream of mine, actual astronauts have stated the experience as the most realistic available to to the public, Lieutenant Dan was the host of the attraction, and rarely does the wait time exceed 30 minutes. Like my Magic Kingdom pick, the majority of the queue is indoors and is air conditioned, and there’s an element of danger as people have died resulting from riding. I’m all for a little risk after drinking around the world!

Spaceship Earth

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Chosen by Pat Neistat:
It’s a long son of a bitch, but totally worth the experience. It takes you up into the iconic Epcot ball and explains the history of human communication in 15 minutes. In my opinion, it’s the essence of Epcot.  *Editor’s Note: #thankthephonecians*

Soarin’ Around the World

Chosen by Steve Rhodes: Say what you will about the bent Eiffel Tower (something easily corrected if you just ask to sit in section B). This ride is the shit that Imagineering is all about. Mark Sumner used a friggin’ Erector Set to devise the plan to make this work, yeah that little kids toy you used to play with. It made a Disney ride come to life. Add in immersive video and smells of the landscapes you’re soarin’ over and this one attains legend status in my book.

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