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Walt Disney World: Worst Restaurants in Epcot.

If you’re reading this it’s because you probably love Walt Disney World, we do too. Our panel of experts consists of myself, Pat Neistat, Bobby Burchins and Becky Wells. While most things to do and eat on the Disney campus are good, great, or fantastic some things just suck. These are our least favorite places to eat at Epcot. Bon-appe-don’t!!

Note: selections are listed alphabetically

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

“Ok, if you have a 6 year old daughter that is so obsessed with Frozen she can’t let it go, I get why you’d try this place. If that is not you, avoid this place like I would avoid the actual Norway. There’s nothing appealing about some sort of poached fish and stalk vegetables. Again, consider the setting. Unless they turn it into an ice bar, there’s nothing about this place that won’t immediately be expelled.” – Bobby Burchins


“So lemme get this straight, you gon’ force me to sit next to sweaty strangers and eat food you didn’t even season. $46 fuckin’ dollars y’all. I give no shits what German tradition is but if you can serve me boiled meat and smile, you’re a serial killer.” – Steve Rhodes

Sunshine Seasons

“First let me say this is a highly popular restaurant and this is an unpopular opinion. I have a gluten allergy, so my options are limited.  With that said, the BBQ sauce that goes on the smoked pork legitimately tastes like ketchup, so basically horseshit. By the same token, their salmon was dry and awful and succotash tasted like canned vegetables dumped on a plate. Go somewhere else if you have a gluten allergy.” – Pat Neistat

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

“I’m about to be blown up I’m sure (@ me here). I have selected Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Trekking the World Showcase (presumably you’ve started in Mexico because you came from Test Track), kids are hungry by the time you’ve reached the bridge from France. I’ve never been so disappointed in fish and chips in my life. We seem to have always gotten really greasy to the point of soggy fish, and it’s so overpriced. It looks familiar to kids and some people adore this restaurant but I’ll happy pass.” – Becky Wells

So, where would you definitely not eat on your next trip to Epcot? Do you disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below or on social media

One thought on “Walt Disney World: Worst Restaurants in Epcot.

  1. Bobby, dude. Okay so if they made an ice castle….well let’s say it’s not Vegas. And last time they tried to make an ice castle they got rid of Maelstrom (RIP)
    Funnily enough living where I do, there’s a strong Scandanavian population…like Sons of Norway is a club up here…and food has no taste because salt is spicy. So I’d say Akershus is au-effing-thentic!

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