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What’s the Best Ride at Animal Kingdom? | A Spitting Match

I tasked myself and three of my fellow writers to pick a top choice for attractions at Animal Kingdom Park and then defend the pick to the interwebs with a few sentences. And thus, we have ourselves A Spitting Match. Let’s Begin!

Expedition Everest

Chosen by Becky Wells: Expedition Everest hands down is my favorite attraction at Animal Kingdom…because, roller coaster. I love the Kilimanjaro Safaris too because it’s POSSIBLE for the driver to be Jungle Cruise Skipper-y, but that’s rare anymore. Also I grew up in St. Louis, which has the greatest zoo ever. I’m likely the only one who isn’t going to answer “Flight of Passage”.

Flight of Passage

Chosen by Pat Neistat: Flight of Passage is hands down the best damn attraction at Walt Disney World. For now, it’s the most technologically advanced. What other ride utilizes sight, hearing, scent, and touch so perfectly? You can’t help but smile after flying on that Banshee. 

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Chosen by Steve Rhodes: While it’s hard to argue against FoP, I think there is something to be said for being right next to actual fucking animals. I live near one of the top zoos in the world (Saint Louis) so I’m spoiled when it comes to seeing live animals of all kinds, but even with that privilege there’s something special about being whisked away to “Africa” for a safari. The shit is just flat out cool.


Chosen by Bobby Burchins: While it might seem unpopular with this group, I have to say that Dinosaur! is the best attraction at Animal Kingdom. As a sci-fi nut and amateur dinosaur appreciator, Dinosaur! checks off a lot on my list. It doesn’t copy a “certain blockbuster film” or the attraction based on it up the street, but it evokes a similar experience. The plot to this attraction is some bullshit, as a lot of time travel stories can easily be. I can see lions, tigers, hippos and elephants at a regular zoo. I can see giraffes, zebras and antelope down the street at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The animals, while majestic, can be seen under similar, cheaper circumstances elsewhere. The only attraction that could beat Dinosaur! out in my mind is Flights of Passage. I’ve never had the patience to wait 4 hours or the proper BMI to ride it, so I have to go with Dinosaur!

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