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Dining Review: Sebastian’s Bistro

Menu (Allergy Menu) Sebastian’s Bistro is located at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. This restaurant is pretty damn sharp. Sebastian’s decor is nautical, but clean and streamlined. They even feature Sebastian in a kickass photo on the back wall. It has big ass windows that line the exterior of the restaurant to allow for expanding views of Barefoot Bay, with the addition of the new Disney Skyliner.

As with all table service restaurants, reservations can be made 180 days prior to your stay. However, advanced reservations are not as necessary with Sebastian’s because more often than not you can make a same day reservation, or possibly even walk in.

The Gluten Free Food at Sebastian’s

Walking into a Walt Disney World restaurant on a Friday night at 6pm you would expect it to be busy. If it’s not busy then they probably serve shitty food. On both points, that is not the case at Sebastian’s. To tell the truth, it was not busy and the food is kickass. We started with an appetizer of Jerk Chicken Wings. Covered in a dark rum glaze and paired with Cilantro-Lime Crema, these wings were the shit. That dark rum glaze was so delicious that my wife dipped the shaved vegetables (intended for garnish) in it.

Jerk Chicken Wings with Dark Rum Glaze and Cilantro-Lime Crema Gluten/Wheat/Egg/Fish/Shellfish/Peanut/Tree Nut

In addition to the wings we ordered The Taste of the Caribbean which came with Jerk Chicken, Slow-cooked Pork, and Goat Curry. The jerk chicken portion of the entree was doused in the same dark rum glaze as the wings and was equally as kickass. The slow-cooked pork didn’t come with sauce, nevertheless it was tasty. The goat curry was really interesting. We have never tasted goat before Sebastian’s. It certainly has a unique flavor. It wasn’t bad but it definitely wasn’t our favorite. We determined the jerk sauce was so damn good that we should have just ordered the Jerk Chicken by itself. On the other hand, The taste of the Caribbean overall was really good and I’d recommend it.

Editors Note: This actually isn’t on the allergy menu, but can be made to fit your allergy needs.

Taste of the Caribbean- Jerk Chicken, Slow-cooked Pork, and Goat Curry. Served with black beans and cilantro rice. (Made gluten free upon request).

My Rib-Eye, ordered medium-rare, was cooked perfectly and tasted great. However, I’m not going to go apeshit over it. By way of contrast to other steaks on property, it held its own at the price point. Look, this was a fine piece of meat. On the other hand, the Sweet Potato-Plantain Mash was dope. Who knew plantains could taste so damn good? If you like Rib-Eye then I would recommend this dish, too.

Grilled 10-oz USDA Choice Rib-Eye, Sweet Potato-Plantain Mash, Bay Bell Peppers, and Chimichurri Gluten/Wheat/Egg/Fish/Shellfish/Peanut/Tree Nut/Soy
Kids cheeseburger on gluten free bun upon request

The Conclusion

Vanilla Gelato with Fruit and Chocolate Sauce made gluten free upon request

Overall, I highly recommend eating at Sebastian’s Bistro. The food is delicious and the service was really good. Granted, that could have been because the place was essentially empty, which still dumbfounds me. Surprisingly, I prefer this over a bunch of resort restaurants. For example, I’d choose Sebastian’s Bistro over ‘Ohana. That bastard is always filled to the gills, costs a shit ton of money, and serves mediocre food. In my opinion, Sebastian’s is superior. For now, you can walk into this son of bitch and sit your ass down for a phenomenal meal.

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